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This project is servicecomb-java-chassis security support. The main architecture is based on The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework and OpenID Connect. And provides APIs for developers based on Spring Security. Please see developers guide for details.

Project description

This project contains two folders api and samples. Api folder contains components used in Authentication Server, Edge Service and Resource Server. And samples folder gives a working example showing how to use these apis.

  • Build and run
cd samples
mvn clean install

After build, the Authentication Server, Resource Server, Edge Service and Testing Client runnable jar are generated, start and run the four services.

  • Run tests

After services are started, try


see AuthenticationTestCase for testing details.


本项目为servicecomb-java-chassis提供认证鉴权支持。鉴权实现的主要框架参考了The OAuth 2.0 Authorization FrameworkOpenID Connect。项目参考Spring Security给开发者提供了接口。请参考开发指南获取详细信息。


项目包含了api和samples两个目录。其中api目录主要提供给Authentication Server, Edge Service and Resource Server使用的api。 samples目录是基于上诉api提供的一个开发示例。

  • 编译和运行
cd samples
mvn clean install

编译完成后,会生成Authentication Server, Resource Server, Edge Service and Testing Client可执行jar包,运行这四个服务。

  • 运行测试用例