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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import json
import os.path
from os.path import dirname, realpath
from collections import defaultdict
import subprocess
from urllib.request import urlopen
# manually maintained
with open('project-coordinates.json', 'r') as p:
project_coordinates = json.load(p)
# fetched from
with open('committees.json', 'r') as cs:
project_committees = { c['group']: c for c in json.load(cs) }
# fetched from
with open('committees-retired.json', 'r') as cr:
project_committees_retired = { c['id']: c for c in json.load(cr) }
# fetched from
with open('podlings-history.json', 'r') as ph:
m = json.load(ph)
podlings_retired = { key: m[key] for key in m.keys() if m[key]['status'] == 'retired' }
project_committees_retired = {**project_committees_retired, **podlings_retired}
with open('podlings.json', 'r') as ps:
project_committees = {**project_committees, **(json.load(ps))}
# fetched from
with open('publicjson', 'r') as p:
advisories = defaultdict(list)
for advisory in json.load(p):
projects_page = open(dirname(realpath(__file__)) + '/../content/projects/', 'w')
title: Apache Project Security Information
description: Security information for individual Apache projects
layout: single
Here is a list of pages ASF projects maintain to provide information on known security vulnerabilities. Each entry also has the security contact for reporting new vulnerabilities related to that project. Note that not all project security teams have a dedicated address for reporting new vulnerabilities.
To report a vulnerability in an Apache project that is not listed below, contact the [Apache Security Team](
| Project security page | Contact | |
| --- | --- | --- |
def coordinates(pmc):
if pmc in project_coordinates.keys():
return project_coordinates[pmc]
return project_committees[pmc]
def fetch_cve(cve_id):
if not os.path.exists('cache/%s.json' % cve_id):
f = urlopen('' % cve_id)
with open('cache/%s.json' % cve, 'w') as d:
with open('cache/%s.json' % cve_id, 'r') as d:
cve = json.loads(
if 'containers' in cve.keys():
return cve
if not os.path.exists('cache-converted/%s.json' % cve_id):['', '-i', 'cache/%s.json' % cve_id, '-o' 'cache-converted/'])
with open('cache-converted/%s.json' % cve_id, 'r') as d:
cve = json.loads(
return cve
for pmc in sorted(set(list(project_coordinates.keys()) + list(advisories.keys()))):
if pmc == 'dummy':
if pmc in project_committees_retired.keys():
p = coordinates(pmc)
assert p, 'All projects with advisories, including [%s], should have coordinates' % pmc
if 'link' in p.keys() and p['link']:
projects_page.write('| [%s](%s) | ' % (p['name'], p['link']))
projects_page.write("| %s | " % p['name'])
if not 'contact' in p.keys() or p['contact'] == '':
projects_page.write(' [Apache Security Team]( |')
projects_page.write(' [%s Security Team](mailto:%s) |' % (p['name'], p['contact']))
if 'advisory_link' in p.keys() and p['advisory_link']:
projects_page.write(' [Advisories](%s) |\n' % (p['advisory_link']))
#elif len(advisories[pmc]) > 0:
# projects_page.write(' [Advisories](%s) |\n' % pmc)
projects_page.write(' |\n')
for pmc in advisories.keys():
if pmc == 'dummy':
basedir = '%s/../content/projects/%s/' % (dirname(realpath(__file__)), pmc)
os.makedirs(basedir, exist_ok=True)
staticdir = '%s/../static/projects/%s/' % (dirname(realpath(__file__)), pmc)
os.makedirs(staticdir, exist_ok=True)
project_page = open(basedir + '/', 'w')
# TODO generate pages for retired committees/podlings as well
if not pmc in project_coordinates.keys() and not pmc in project_committees.keys():
p = coordinates(pmc)
title: %s security advisories
description: Security information for %s
layout: single
""" % (p['name'], p['name']))
project_page.write('# Reporting\n\n')
project_page.write('Do you want disclose a potential security issue for %s? ' % p['name'])
if 'link' in p.keys() and p['link']:
project_page.write("You can read more about the projects' security policy on their [security page](%s), and email your report to the " % p['link'])
project_page.write('Send your report to the ')
if not 'contact' in p.keys() or p['contact'] == '':
project_page.write('[Apache Security Team](')
project_page.write('[%s Security Team](mailto:%s).' % (p['name'], p['contact']))
project_page.write('\n\n# Advisories')
project_page.write('\n\nThis section is experimental: it provides advisories since 2023 and ')
project_page.write('may lag behind the official CVE publications. ')
if 'link' in p.keys() and p['link']:
project_page.write('It may also lack details found on the [project security page](%s). ' % p['link'])
project_page.write('If you have any feedback on how you would like this data to be provided, ')
project_page.write('you are welcome to reach out on our public [mailinglist](/mailinglist) or privately ')
project_page.write('on [](')
for advisory in advisories[pmc]:
cve_id = advisory['ID']
project_page.write("\n\n## %s ## { #%s }\n\n" % (advisory['title'], cve_id))
project_page.write("%s [\[CVE json\]](./%s.cve.json)\n\n" % (cve_id, cve_id))
cve = fetch_cve(cve_id)
cna = cve['containers']['cna']
project_page.write("### Affected\n\n")
for affected in cna['affected']:
for version in affected['versions']:
project_page.write('* ' + affected['product'])
if version['version'] != '0':
if 'lessThan' in version.keys() or 'lessThanOrEqual' in version.keys():
project_page.write(' from ')
project_page.write(' at ')
if 'lessThan' in version.keys():
project_page.write(' before ' + version['lessThan'])
if 'lessThanOrEqual' in version.keys():
project_page.write(' through ' + version['lessThanOrEqual'])
project_page.write('\n\n### Description\n\n')
for desc in cna['descriptions']:
if 'supportingMedia' in desc.keys():
for media in desc['supportingMedia']:
if 'references' in cna.keys():
project_page.write('\n\n### References\n')
for reference in cna['references']:
project_page.write('* %s\n' % reference['url'])
if 'credits' in cna.keys():
project_page.write('\n\n### Credits\n')
for credit in cna['credits']:
if 'type' in credit.keys():
project_page.write('* %s (%s)\n' % (credit['value'], credit['type']))
project_page.write('* %s\n' % credit['value'])
with open(staticdir + cve_id + '.cve.json', 'w') as cveFile:
cve_doc = {
"containers": cve['containers'],
"cveMetadata": cve['cveMetadata'],
"dataType": cve['dataType'],
"dataVersion": cve['dataVersion'],
json.dump(cve_doc, cveFile, ensure_ascii=True, indent=2)