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Apache Sanselan Release Notes
Apache Sanselan is a pure-Java image library for reading and writing a variety of image formats.
See the project site for details and sample code.
Version History:
Release 0.95
* Updated KEYS file.
* Added more unit tests around BMP.
* Added more images to the test image suite.
* Fixed a bug where errors were being wrongly logged to System.out.
* Moved the example code into the test source directory, to comply with Maven's standard project layout.
* Added a couple of images to the sample image library that demonstrate a couple variations on Photoshop/IPTC data.
* Fixed a small bug in the IPTC constants introduced while cleaning up the constants.
* Started shift towards moving field-level parsing into BinaryInputStream and BinaryOutputStream.
* Fixed a png unit test that used a piece of Java 1.6 syntax.
* Added unit tests around the new IPTC functionality.
* Added IPTC remove/update/insert functionality.
* Rewrote the IPTC parsing support.
* Added improved support for reading and writing iTXt, tEXt, zTXt Png chunks.
Added a unit test that demonstrates the feature.
* Found a new regression wherein DeflaterOutputStream needs to be closed.
* Added the .tar.bz2 distributions back into the maven assembly descriptors.
* Moved the example/sample code to a new top-level source folder, "example."
* Replaced dependency on, which is only available in Java 1.6.
* Added a unit test around reading and writing images in every format.
* We now sort some (but not all) GIF color tables.
* Applied the BMP "buffer flushing" bug to the PBM reading and writing code.
* Fixed a regression around flushing the bit buffer when writing BMPs with very small palettes.
* Removed assumption about DataBuffer type when reading BMPs.
* When writing a GIF, we now always include a Graphic Control Extension block, even if its not necessary.
* We are more defensive about missing GCEs.
* Lastly, we now set a minimum bound on initial code sizes for LZW-compressed Gif image data.
* Found a regression in writing TIFFs around strip offsets being properly updated. Not a LZW issue after all.
Added a few unit tests around this issue.
* Added ability to remove and update XMP XML in existing JPEG files.
* Added ability to embed XMP XML when writing the following formats: GIF, PNG, TIFF.
* Improved handling of tEXt and zTXt PNG text blocks.
* Added XMP XML extraction for the following formats: GIF (untested), JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PSD.
* Added RELEASE_NOTES file (this file).
* Added Apache license header to bin.xml and src.xml Maven assembly descriptors.
* Added Javadocs to the binary distribution
Release 0.94
First Apache release of Sanselan
Fixed bugs:
* Can't convert PNG image to GIF image
The PNG reader wasn't handling the 16-bit mode 4 PNGs properly.
The PNG reader wasn't gamma-correcting non-palette values properly in PNGs.