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Samza's documentation uses Jekyll to build a website out of markdown pages. Prerequisites:

  1. You need Ruby installed on your machine (run ruby --version to check)
  2. Install Bundler by running sudo gem install bundler
  3. To install Jekyll and its dependencies, change to the docs directory and run bundle install

To serve the website on localhost:4000:

bundle exec jekyll serve --watch

To compile the website in the _site directory, execute:

bundle exec jekyll build


The “Learn” section of this website is versioned. To add a new version, copy the folder at the version number-level (0.7.0 to 0.8.0, for example).

All links between pages inside a versioned folder should be relative links, not absolute.


To auto-generate the latest Javadocs, run:

_tools/ <version>

The version number is the number that will be used in the /docs/learn/documentation//api/javadocs path.


To build and publish the website to Samza's Apache SVN repository, run:

_tools/ 0.7.0 "updating welcome page" criccomini

This command will re-build the Javadocs and website, checkout locally, copy the site into the directory, and commit the changes.