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* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
* distributed with this work for additional information
* regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
* to you under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the
* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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package org.apache.samza.config
import org.apache.samza.SamzaException
import org.apache.samza.config.JobConfig.REGEX_RESOLVED_STREAMS
import org.apache.samza.system.SystemStream
import org.apache.samza.util.ScalaJavaUtil.JavaOptionals
import org.apache.samza.util.{Logging, StreamUtil}
import scala.collection.JavaConverters._
import scala.collection._
* Dynamically determine the Kafka topics to use as input streams to the task via a regular expression.
* For each topic that matches the regular expression, generate a series of config values for it and
* add it to the task's input streams setting.
* job.config.rewriter.regex-input-rewriter.regex=.*stream
* job.config.rewriter.regex-input-rewriter.system=kafka
* Would result in:
* task.inputs=kafka.somestream
* @see samza.config.JobConfig.getRegexResolvedStreams
class RegExTopicGenerator extends ConfigRewriter with Logging {
def rewrite(rewriterName: String, config: Config): Config = {
val jobConfig = new JobConfig(config)
val regex = JavaOptionals.toRichOptional(jobConfig.getRegexResolvedStreams(rewriterName)).toOption
.getOrElse(throw new SamzaException("No %s defined in config" format REGEX_RESOLVED_STREAMS))
val systemName = JavaOptionals.toRichOptional(jobConfig.getRegexResolvedSystem(rewriterName)).toOption
.getOrElse(throw new SamzaException("No system defined for %s." format rewriterName))
val topics = getTopicsFromSystemAdmin(rewriterName, config)
val taskConfig = new TaskConfig(config)
val existingInputStreams = JavaConverters.asScalaSetConverter(taskConfig.getInputStreams).asScala.toSet
val newInputStreams = new mutable.HashSet[SystemStream]
val keysAndValsToAdd = new mutable.HashMap[String, String]
// Find all the topics that match this regex
val matchingStreams = topics
.map(new SystemStream(systemName, _))
for (m <- matchingStreams) {
info("Generating new configs for matching stream %s." format m)
if (existingInputStreams.contains(m)) {
warn("Regex '%s' matches existing, statically defined input %s. " +
"Please ensure regex-defined and statically-defined inputs are exclusive." format (regex, m))
// For each topic that matched, generate all the specified configs
.foreach(kv => keysAndValsToAdd.put("systems." + m.getSystem + ".streams." + m.getStream + "." + kv._1, kv._2))
// Build new inputs
info("Generated config values for %d new topics" format newInputStreams.size)
val inputStreams = TaskConfig.INPUT_STREAMS -> (existingInputStreams ++ newInputStreams)
.sortWith(_ < _)
new MapConfig(((keysAndValsToAdd ++ config.asScala) += inputStreams).asJava)
def getTopicsFromSystemAdmin(rewriterName: String, config: Config): Seq[String] = {
val systemName = JavaOptionals.toRichOptional(new JobConfig(config).getRegexResolvedSystem(rewriterName)).toOption
.getOrElse(throw new SamzaException("No system defined in config for rewriter %s." format rewriterName))
var systemStreams = Seq.empty[String]
val systemConfig = new SystemConfig(config)
val systemAdmin = systemConfig.getSystemFactories
.get(systemName).getAdmin(systemName, config, this.getClass.getSimpleName)
try {
systemStreams =
systemStreams ++ => systemStream.getStream).toSeq
} finally {