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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
# contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
# this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
# The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
# (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
# the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
Utility for creating well-formed pull request merges and pushing them to Apache. This script is a modified version
of the one created by the Kafka project (
Usage: ./ (see config env vars below)
This utility assumes you already have local a samza git folder and that you have added remotes corresponding to both:
(i) the github apache samza mirror and
(ii) the apache samza git repo.
This script has been borrowed from the Apache Kafka team that can be found here:
It has been modified for the Apache Samza project.
import json
import os
import re
import subprocess
import sys
import urllib2
import jira.client
except ImportError:
PROJECT_NAME = "samza"
# Remote name which points to the GitHub site
PR_REMOTE_NAME = os.environ.get("PR_REMOTE_NAME", "samza-github")
# Remote name which points to Apache git
PUSH_REMOTE_NAME = os.environ.get("PUSH_REMOTE_NAME", "samza-apache")
# ASF JIRA username
JIRA_USERNAME = os.environ.get("JIRA_USERNAME", "")
# ASF JIRA password
JIRA_PASSWORD = os.environ.get("JIRA_PASSWORD", "")
OAuth key used for issuing requests against the GitHub API. If this is not defined, then requests
will be unauthenticated. You should only need to configure this if you find yourself regularly
exceeding your IP's unauthenticated request rate limit. You can create an OAuth key at This script only requires the "public_repo" scope.
GITHUB_OAUTH_KEY = os.environ.get("GITHUB_OAUTH_KEY", "")
# Prefix added to temporary branches
def get_json(url):
request = urllib2.Request(url)
request.add_header('Authorization', 'token %s' % GITHUB_OAUTH_KEY)
return json.load(urllib2.urlopen(request))
except urllib2.HTTPError as e:
if "X-RateLimit-Remaining" in e.headers and e.headers["X-RateLimit-Remaining"] == '0':
print "Exceeded the GitHub API rate limit; see the instructions in " + \
" to configure an OAuth token for making authenticated " + \
"GitHub requests."
print "Unable to fetch URL, exiting: %s" % url
def fail(msg):
print msg
def run_cmd(cmd):
if isinstance(cmd, list):
# Add debugging information on the command being run.
print " ".join(cmd)
return subprocess.check_output(cmd)
print cmd
return subprocess.check_output(cmd.split(" "))
def continue_maybe(prompt):
result = raw_input("\n%s (y/n): " % prompt)
if result.lower() != "y":
fail("Okay, exiting")
def clean_up():
if original_head != get_current_branch():
print "Restoring head pointer to %s" % original_head
run_cmd("git checkout %s" % original_head)
branches = run_cmd("git branch").replace(" ", "").split("\n")
for branch in filter(lambda x: x.startswith(TEMP_BRANCH_PREFIX), branches):
print "Deleting local branch %s" % branch
run_cmd("git branch -D %s" % branch)
def get_current_branch():
return run_cmd("git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD").replace("\n", "")
def merge_pr(pr_num, target_ref, title, body, pr_repo_desc):
Merge the requested Pull Request number
Returns the Merge Hash
:param pr_num: Pull Request Number
:param target_ref:
:param title: Commit title
:param body:
:param pr_repo_desc:
pr_branch_name = "%s_MERGE_PR_%s" % (TEMP_BRANCH_PREFIX, pr_num)
target_branch_name = "%s_MERGE_PR_%s_%s" % (TEMP_BRANCH_PREFIX, pr_num, target_ref.upper())
run_cmd("git fetch %s pull/%s/head:%s" % (PR_REMOTE_NAME, pr_num, pr_branch_name))
run_cmd("git fetch %s %s:%s" % (PUSH_REMOTE_NAME, target_ref, target_branch_name))
run_cmd("git checkout %s" % target_branch_name)
had_conflicts = False
run_cmd(['git', 'merge', pr_branch_name, '--squash'])
except Exception as e:
msg = "Error merging: %s\nWould you like to manually fix-up this merge?" % e
msg = "Okay, please fix any conflicts and 'git add' conflicting files... Finished?"
had_conflicts = True
commit_authors = run_cmd(['git', 'log', 'HEAD..%s' % pr_branch_name,
'--pretty=format:%an <%ae>']).split("\n")
distinct_authors = sorted(set(commit_authors),
key=lambda x: commit_authors.count(x), reverse=True)
primary_author = raw_input(
"Enter primary author in the format of \"name <email>\" [%s]: " %
if primary_author == "":
primary_author = distinct_authors[0]
reviewers = raw_input(
"Enter reviewers in the format of \"name1 <email1>, name2 <email2>\": ").strip()
commits = run_cmd(['git', 'log', 'HEAD..%s' % pr_branch_name,
'--pretty=format:%h [%an] %s']).split("\n")
if len(commits) > 1:
result = raw_input("List pull request commits in squashed commit message? (y/n): ")
if result.lower() == "y":
should_list_commits = True
should_list_commits = False
should_list_commits = False
merge_message_flags = []
merge_message_flags += ["-m", title]
if body is not None:
# We remove @ symbols from the body to avoid triggering e-mails
# to people every time someone creates a public fork of the project.
merge_message_flags += ["-m", body.replace("@", "")]
authors = "\n".join(["Author: %s" % a for a in distinct_authors])
merge_message_flags += ["-m", authors]
if (reviewers != ""):
merge_message_flags += ["-m", "Reviewers: %s" % reviewers]
if had_conflicts:
committer_name = run_cmd("git config --get").strip()
committer_email = run_cmd("git config --get").strip()
message = "This patch had conflicts when merged, resolved by\nCommitter: %s <%s>" % (
committer_name, committer_email)
merge_message_flags += ["-m", message]
# The string "Closes #%s" string is required for GitHub to correctly close the PR
close_line = "Closes #%s from %s" % (pr_num, pr_repo_desc)
if should_list_commits:
close_line += " and squashes the following commits:"
merge_message_flags += ["-m", close_line]
if should_list_commits:
merge_message_flags += ["-m", "\n".join(commits)]
run_cmd(['git', 'commit', '--author="%s"' % primary_author] + merge_message_flags)
continue_maybe("Merge complete (local ref %s). Push to %s?" % (
target_branch_name, PUSH_REMOTE_NAME))
run_cmd('git push %s %s:%s' % (PUSH_REMOTE_NAME, target_branch_name, target_ref))
except Exception as e:
fail("Exception while pushing: %s" % e)
merge_hash = run_cmd("git rev-parse %s" % target_branch_name)[:8]
print("Pull request #%s merged!" % pr_num)
print("Merge hash: %s" % merge_hash)
return merge_hash
def cherry_pick(pr_num, merge_hash, default_branch):
pick_ref = raw_input("Enter a branch name [%s]: " % default_branch)
if pick_ref == "":
pick_ref = default_branch
pick_branch_name = "%s_PICK_PR_%s_%s" % (TEMP_BRANCH_PREFIX, pr_num, pick_ref.upper())
run_cmd("git fetch %s %s:%s" % (PUSH_REMOTE_NAME, pick_ref, pick_branch_name))
run_cmd("git checkout %s" % pick_branch_name)
run_cmd("git cherry-pick -sx %s" % merge_hash)
except Exception as e:
msg = "Error cherry-picking: %s\nWould you like to manually fix-up this merge?" % e
msg = "Okay, please fix any conflicts and finish the cherry-pick. Finished?"
continue_maybe("Pick complete (local ref %s). Push to %s?" % (
pick_branch_name, PUSH_REMOTE_NAME))
run_cmd('git push %s %s:%s' % (PUSH_REMOTE_NAME, pick_branch_name, pick_ref))
except Exception as e:
fail("Exception while pushing: %s" % e)
pick_hash = run_cmd("git rev-parse %s" % pick_branch_name)[:8]
print("Pull request #%s picked into %s!" % (pr_num, pick_ref))
print("Pick hash: %s" % pick_hash)
return pick_ref
def fix_version_from_branch(branch, versions):
Returns fix-version from the branch names
:param branch:
:param versions: List of sorted (newest->oldest) list of unrelease versions (includes "master" branch)
:return: Returns "master" if the current branch is master. Otherwise, it returns the oldest branch version
that starts with "master". Else, it returns None.
if branch == "master":
if len(versions) > 0:
return versions[0]
return None
return filter(lambda x: x.startswith(branch), versions)[-1]
def resolve_jira_issue(title, merge_branches, comment):
Updates the assignee (if not already provided) and fix-versions before resolving the JIRA
:param title: Standardized commit title
:param merge_branches: Default fix-versions for this JIRA
:param comment: Comment added to the JIRA
asf_jira = jira.client.JIRA({'server': JIRA_API_BASE},
default_jira_id = ""
jira_ids = re.findall("%s-[0-9]{4,5}" % CAPITALIZED_PROJECT_NAME, title)
if len(jira_ids) > 0:
default_jira_id = jira_ids[0]
jira_id = raw_input("Enter a JIRA id [%s]: " % default_jira_id)
if jira_id == "":
jira_id = default_jira_id
issue = asf_jira.issue(jira_id)
except Exception as e:
fail("ASF JIRA could not find %s\n%s" % (jira_id, e))
cur_status =
cur_summary = issue.fields.summary
cur_assignee = issue.fields.assignee
if cur_assignee is None:
cur_assignee = "NOT ASSIGNED!!!"
cur_assignee = cur_assignee.displayName
if cur_status == "Resolved" or cur_status == "Closed":
fail("JIRA issue %s already has status '%s'" % (jira_id, cur_status))
print ("=== JIRA %s ===" % jira_id)
print ("summary\t\t%s\nassignee\t%s\nstatus\t\t%s\nurl\t\t%s/%s\n" % (
cur_summary, cur_assignee, cur_status, JIRA_BASE, jira_id))
versions = asf_jira.project_versions(CAPITALIZED_PROJECT_NAME)
versions = sorted(versions, key=lambda x:, reverse=True)
versions = filter(lambda x: x.raw['released'] is False, versions)
version_names = map(lambda x:, versions)
default_fix_versions = map(lambda x: fix_version_from_branch(x, version_names), merge_branches)
default_fix_versions = filter(lambda x: x != None, default_fix_versions)
default_fix_versions = ",".join(default_fix_versions)
fix_versions = raw_input("Enter comma-separated fix version(s) [%s]: " % default_fix_versions)
if fix_versions == "":
fix_versions = default_fix_versions
fix_versions = fix_versions.replace(" ", "").split(",")
def get_version_json(version_str):
return filter(lambda v: == version_str, versions)[0].raw
jira_fix_versions = map(lambda v: get_version_json(v), fix_versions)
resolve = filter(lambda a: a['name'] == "Resolve Issue", asf_jira.transitions(jira_id))[0]
resolution = filter(lambda r: r.raw['name'] == "Fixed", asf_jira.resolutions())[0]
jira_id, resolve["id"], fixVersions=jira_fix_versions,
comment=comment, resolution={'id': resolution.raw['id']})
print "Successfully resolved %s with fixVersions=%s!" % (jira_id, fix_versions)
def standardize_jira_ref(text):
Standardize the jira reference commit message prefix to "PROJECT_NAME-XXX: Issue"
>>> standardize_jira_ref("%s-5954: Top by key" % CAPITALIZED_PROJECT_NAME)
'SAMZA-5954: Top by key'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("%s-5821: ParquetRelation2 CTAS should check if delete is successful" % PROJECT_NAME)
'SAMZA-5821: ParquetRelation2 CTAS should check if delete is successful'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("%s-4123 [WIP] Show new dependencies added in pull requests" % PROJECT_NAME)
'SAMZA-4123: [WIP] Show new dependencies added in pull requests'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("%s 5954: Top by key" % PROJECT_NAME)
'SAMZA-5954: Top by key'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("%s-979 a LRU scheduler for load balancing in TaskSchedulerImpl" % PROJECT_NAME)
'SAMZA-979: a LRU scheduler for load balancing in TaskSchedulerImpl'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("%s-1094 Support MiMa for reporting binary compatibility across versions." % CAPITALIZED_PROJECT_NAME)
'SAMZA-1094: Support MiMa for reporting binary compatibility across versions.'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("[WIP] %s-1146: Vagrant support" % CAPITALIZED_PROJECT_NAME)
'SAMZA-1146: [WIP] Vagrant support'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("%s-1032. If Yarn app fails before registering, app master stays aroun..." % PROJECT_NAME)
'SAMZA-1032: If Yarn app fails before registering, app master stays aroun...'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("%s-6250 %s-6146 %s-5911: Types are now reserved words in DDL parser." % (PROJECT_NAME, PROJECT_NAME, CAPITALIZED_PROJECT_NAME))
'SAMZA-6250 SAMZA-6146 SAMZA-5911: Types are now reserved words in DDL parser.'
>>> standardize_jira_ref("Additional information for users building from source code")
'Additional information for users building from source code'
:param text: Text provided that will be used a commit message
:return: Standardized commit message that includes the JIRA number as well
jira_refs = []
components = []
# Extract JIRA ref(s):
pattern = re.compile(r'(%s[-\s]*[0-9]{3,6})+' % CAPITALIZED_PROJECT_NAME, re.IGNORECASE)
for ref in pattern.findall(text):
# Add brackets, replace spaces with a dash, & convert to uppercase
jira_refs.append(re.sub(r'\s+', '-', ref.upper()))
text = text.replace(ref, '')
# Extract project name component(s):
# Look for alphanumeric chars, spaces, dashes, periods, and/or commas
pattern = re.compile(r'(\[[\w\s,-\.]+\])', re.IGNORECASE)
for component in pattern.findall(text):
text = text.replace(component, '')
# Cleanup any remaining symbols:
pattern = re.compile(r'^\W+(.*)', re.IGNORECASE)
if ( is not None):
text =[0]
# Assemble full text (JIRA ref(s), module(s), remaining text)
jira_prefix = ' '.join(jira_refs).strip()
if jira_prefix:
jira_prefix = jira_prefix + ": "
clean_text = jira_prefix + ' '.join(components).strip() + " " + text.strip()
# Replace multiple spaces with a single space, e.g. if no jira refs and/or components were included
clean_text = re.sub(r'\s+', ' ', clean_text.strip())
return clean_text
def main():
global original_head
original_head = get_current_branch()
latest_branch = "master"
pr_num = raw_input("Which pull request would you like to merge? (e.g. 34): ")
pr = get_json("%s/pulls/%s" % (GITHUB_API_BASE, pr_num))
pr_events = get_json("%s/issues/%s/events" % (GITHUB_API_BASE, pr_num))
url = pr["url"]
pr_title = pr["title"]
commit_title = raw_input("Commit title [%s]: " % pr_title.encode("utf-8")).decode("utf-8")
if commit_title == "":
commit_title = pr_title
# Decide whether to use the modified title or not
modified_title = standardize_jira_ref(commit_title)
if modified_title != commit_title:
print "I've re-written the title as follows to match the standard format:"
print "Original: %s" % commit_title
print "Modified: %s" % modified_title
result = raw_input("Would you like to use the modified title? (y/n): ")
if result.lower() == "y":
commit_title = modified_title
print "Using modified title:"
print "Using original title:"
print commit_title
body = pr["body"]
target_ref = pr["base"]["ref"]
user_login = pr["user"]["login"]
base_ref = pr["head"]["ref"]
pr_repo_desc = "%s/%s" % (user_login, base_ref)
# Merged pull requests don't appear as merged in the GitHub API;
# Instead, they're closed by asfgit.
merge_commits = \
[e for e in pr_events if e["actor"]["login"] == "asfgit" and e["event"] == "closed"]
if merge_commits:
merge_hash = merge_commits[0]["commit_id"]
message = get_json("%s/commits/%s" % (GITHUB_API_BASE, merge_hash))["commit"]["message"]
print "Pull request %s has already been merged, assuming you want to backport" % pr_num
commit_is_downloaded = run_cmd(['git', 'rev-parse', '--quiet', '--verify',
"%s^{commit}" % merge_hash]).strip() != ""
if not commit_is_downloaded:
fail("Couldn't find any merge commit for #%s, you may need to update HEAD." % pr_num)
print "Found commit %s:\n%s" % (merge_hash, message)
cherry_pick(pr_num, merge_hash, latest_branch)
if not bool(pr["mergeable"]):
msg = "Pull request %s is not mergeable in its current form.\n" % pr_num + \
"Continue? (experts only!)"
print ("\n=== Pull Request #%s ===" % pr_num)
print ("PR title\t%s\nCommit title\t%s\nSource\t\t%s\nTarget\t\t%s\nURL\t\t%s" % (
pr_title, commit_title, pr_repo_desc, target_ref, url))
continue_maybe("Proceed with merging pull request #%s?" % pr_num)
merged_refs = [target_ref]
merge_hash = merge_pr(pr_num, target_ref, commit_title, body, pr_repo_desc)
pick_prompt = "Would you like to pick %s into another branch?" % merge_hash
while raw_input("\n%s (y/n): " % pick_prompt).lower() == "y":
merged_refs = merged_refs + [cherry_pick(pr_num, merge_hash, latest_branch)]
continue_maybe("Would you like to update an associated JIRA?")
jira_comment = "Issue resolved by pull request %s\n[%s/%s]" % (pr_num, GITHUB_BASE, pr_num)
resolve_jira_issue(commit_title, merged_refs, jira_comment)
print "Exiting without trying to close the associated JIRA."
print "Could not find jira-python library. Run 'sudo pip install jira' to install."
print "Exiting without trying to close the associated JIRA."
if __name__ == "__main__":