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Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.11

  • compiler: Added new --infer-types compiler option that allows the compiler to automatically detect an appropriate type for both variables and function signatures that omit declared types, based on either the initializer or return values.

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.10

  • aslint is a new command line code linter for ActionScript and MXML, with a programmatic API for use in editors and IDEs.
  • compiler: Added --watch compiler option that keeps compiler active and incrementally compiles when changes to .as and .mxml files are detected. You may exit with Ctrl+C.
  • compiler: Added support for ?? null coalescing operator to ActionScript.
  • compiler: Added support for ?. null conditional operator to ActionScript.
  • compiler: Added support for @"" verbatim strings to ActionScript.
  • compiler: Fix JS output for chained Date setter initialization, like date.minutes = date.seconds = 0.
  • compiler: Fix <![CDATA[]]> handling in MXML for properties with [CollapseWhiteSpace] metadata.
  • royaleunit-ant-tasks: The <royaleunit> Ant Task can now use Playwright to run headless tests in HTML/JS. Set the player to chromium, webkit, or firefox.
  • royaleunit-ant-tasks: Added a new commandArgs attribute to the <royaleunit> Ant Task. It may be used to pass extra command line arguments to the executable specified in the command attribute.
  • formatter: Can load configuration options with -load-config+=path/to/file.xml, similar to compiler.
  • formatter: If a file named asformat-config.xml appears in the current working directory, automatically load it with -load-config. To disable this behavior, use -skip-local-config-file=true.
  • formatter: Fix issue where more than one new line might appear at the end of a file.
  • formatter: Fix indentation between opening and closing parentheses/brackets on separate lines.
  • formatter: Fix detection of Script elements in MXML when line endings are CRLF.
  • formatter: Fix exception when file starts with UTF BOM character.
  • formatter: Fix issue where ternary operator inside if condition was formatted incorrectly.
  • formatter: Fix missing formatting for finally block.
  • formatter: If a case or default clause in a switch contains only a block, indent is not increased.
  • formatter: If formatting is skipped because compiler errors are found, display those compiler errors.
  • Building royale-compiler now requires JDK 8 or newer.

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.9

  • asformat is a new command line code formatter for ActionScript and MXML, with a programmatic API for use in editors and IDEs.
  • Added a boolean new compiler option compiler.mxml.force-local-id - (short commandline form force-local-id). This is a quick way to avoid propagating id attributes to browser DOM in JSRoyale.
  • (JS) Added new string compiler options js-getter-prefix and js-setter-prefix to optionally specify different prefixes to use instead of ‘get_’ and ‘set_’ for accessors in the generated JavaScript. Useful for integrating with JS libraries/languages that use a different naming convention.
  • (JS) Fix for @royalesuppressexport feature which had stopped working
  • (JS) Fix for mx.managers.SystemManager subclass not being generated for applications that were not direct subclasses of the relevant application classes.
  • (JS) Improvement in output of locale properties files as ResourceBundles. Now using original Flex/SWF parsing approach for improved parity.
  • (JS) First implementation of multiple-catch support in Javascript
  • (JS) Added unsafe option for outputting literal javascript (via externally defined jsUnsafeNativeInline function)
  • Fixed <!----> in MXML being incorrectly detected as an unclosed ASDoc comment, instead of an empty regular comment.
  • (JS) Improved the generated JavaScript for if, else if, and else statements that contained only a semicolon and no braces.
  • (JS) Generated JavaScript for parseInt() passes 0 instead of undefined for radix argument to avoid number format exception.
  • (JS) Fixed several issues with generated JavaScript for E4X expressions when using js-dynamic-access-unknown-members compiler option.
  • (JS) Fixed a couple of issues with generated JavaScript when using custom namespaces.
  • Fixed missing [Event] metadata in playerglobal.swc classes generated from documentation.
  • Fixed parse exception when binding to XML.

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.8

  • Fixed issue where problems in .mxml files were sometimes duplicated.
  • Fixed issue where unrecognized characters in .mxml files were sometimes ignored, and now an error is reported.
  • Fixed some missing syntax checks for bindable variables that should have been the same as non-bindable variables. This may produce some new errors that weren't there before (such as duplicate variable names), but they should have been.
  • Fixed issue where a type annotation referencing a class with a private constructor was not correctly resolved.
  • Improvements/Fixes in Binding support, added support for binding inheritance, similar to Flex.
  • (JS) Source map debugging paths of SDK classes are updated to allow breakpoints in the original .as or .mxml files in the SDK when debugging in a browser or IDE.
  • (JS) Added source-map-source-root compiler option to optionally customize the source root of source maps.
  • (JS) No longer generates @export annotations for exported symbols in debug builds. Exports are smartly generated when creating a release build, and if they are disabled, they will be omitted from framework classes now too. This can help reduce the size of a release build.
  • (JS) Fixed issue where compiling a .swc library with another .swc library on the library-path did not copy the required .js files to the new .swc library. Only when a .swc library is added external-library-path should the .js files not get copied.
  • (JS) Improved reproducible builds of .swc library files by ensuring that the paths to source map files are always referenced with forward slash and never backslash. This matches the existing behavior of references to .js files included with .swc libraries.
  • (JS) Static getters/setters are not accessed with [“name”] syntax in generated JavaScript anymore, which required them to always be exported, even if the associated export symbols compiler option were disabled.
  • (JS) When internal namespace is used in ActionScript, the generated JavaScript adds the @package annotation.
  • (JS) Fixed issue where the Language class was not loaded in the correct order when type coersion is required in a static initializer.
  • (JS) (Advanced) Added export-internal-symbols and prevent-rename-internal-symbols compiler options to match the existing options for public and protected namespaces.
  • (JS) (Advanced) Added prevent-rename-public-static-methods, prevent-rename-public-instance-methods, prevent-rename-public-static-variables, prevent-rename-public-instance-variables, prevent-rename-public-static-accessors, and prevent-rename-public-instance-accessors compiler options to provide more granular control when prevent-rename-public-symbols is true (same for protected and internal namespaces too).

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.7

  • Definitions containing [JSModule] with a custom module name are no longer required to use strict camelCase naming scheme.
  • Added Flex emulation RPC WebService partial support
  • Fix add event handler code in renderers and inline Components
  • (SWF/JS) Added support for [RoyaleArrayLike] metadata-driven support for proxying compile-time numeric-typed array index access to get/set method calls and also specific for-in/for-each-in loop support.
  • (JS) Compiler updates to support more e4X variations/scenarios, including ‘use namespace’ and ‘default xml namespace’ directives
  • (JS) Compiler updates to address custom namespace-related output, and reflection support
  • (JS) Compiler updates to output more compact Reflection data
  • Fixed a compiler memory leak that was occurring over multiple compilations
  • Fixes in bindable code generation for accessors, and in bindable function generation for swf
  • Fixed show-binding-warnings=false option to switch off binding warnings
  • Maven: Many fixes, improvements and Updates
  • Support for Maven distribution (Create SDK with Maven)
  • (JS) Prevent renaming of public variables in release builds so that they may be set from MXML.
  • (JS) Fix conflict between methods of the same name in superclass and subclass, where the superclass method is private and the subclass method is public.
  • (JS) Added jsx-factory compiler option to customize the factory method used in code generated from [JSX].
  • (JS) Added inline-constants compiler option that optionally replaces references to contants with their value when the value is a primitive (like numeric, boolean, or string).
  • (SWF/JS) Added warn-this-within-closure compiler option that controls whether the compiler emits warnings when referencing “this” in closures or anonymous functions.
  • (SWF/JS) Added strict-identifier-names compiler option to make the compiler emit errors when using certain keywords as identifiers, to match the old behavior of the Flex SDK compiler.
  • (SWF/JS) Fix metadata attributes being ignored if they did not have a value. Example: async was ignored in [Test(async)].
  • (SWF/JS) Fix path resolving error when specifying a source file with ./ or .\ on the command line.
  • (SWF/JS) Fix [ArrayElementType] being ignored when setting the [DefaultProperty] in MXML.
  • (SWF) Fix mxmlc and compc scripts in the bin folder that didn't work from the command line.
  • (SWF/JS) Fix incorrect resolving of a property with a different namespace than the parent element in MXML. Properties must have the same namespace as the component, just like in Flex.
  • (SWF/JS) Fix missing error for values that cannot be parsed as text in MXML.
  • (JS) Fix stripped end quotes from strings in data binding expressions in MXML.
  • (Maven) Added missing MXML manifest for core language types like Object, Array, Number, String, Boolean, etc.
  • (JS) Fixed null reference error on source map generation with certain folder hierarchies.
  • (JS) Fixed lost UTF-8 encoding when using remove-circulars.
  • (SWF/JS) Fix missing error when setting private/inaccessible property in MXML.
  • (JS) Fix “missing var keyword” warning from Closure compiler for type definitions.
  • (SWF/JS) Fix missing error for calling a getter as a function (similar to attempting to call a variable as a function) when it is the wrong type.
  • (JS) Fix missing . in generated JS when using static getter/setter in a custom namespace.

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.6

  • Added -allow-abstract-classes compiler option to enable abstract keyword for classes and methods.
  • Added -allow-private-constructors compiler option to enable classes with private constructors.
  • Added -allow-import-aliases compiler option to enable import renaming syntax.
  • Added -verbose compiler option to reduce console output by default.
  • Added RoyaleUnit tasks for Apache Ant.
  • Fix incorrect compiler error when unicodeRange value is specified for Embed metadata.
  • Fix missing compiler error when adding type parameters to classes other the Vector.
  • Fix missing compiler error for intantiation of a variable with new that is not typed as Class or Function.
  • Fix missing compiler warning for missing types on function parameter.
  • Fix internal cache that broke IDEs that use compiler to provide code intelligence.
  • Fix automatic type coercion in generated JS so that it better matches SWF behavior.

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.4

  • @royaledebug comment on method will make the method go away in a js release build.

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.3

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.2

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.1

Fixed Issues:

#21: Different results for failed compilation between JS and SWF compilation

Updates to the RELEASE_NOTES discovered after this file was packaged into the release artifacts can be found here:

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.0

Apache Royale Compiler 0.9.0 is the first release of a next-generation compiler for building Apache Royale applications.

The compiler was previously released by the Apache Flex project. You can see RELEASE_NOTES for earlier releases in the Apache Flex releases.

Known Issues

Adobe Flash Builder Integration

The Apache Royale Compiler can be used in Adobe Flash Builder 4.7, but does not support incremental compilation or clean non-SWF output.

Unit Test results in compiler.tests

The jar.tests report “Java Result: 1” which is expected as all these tests do is verify that the jar is executable and has a “main” entry point which in this case reports the compiler usage help and returns 1.

Compilation Warnings

The Java compiler will report warnings for several files in this release.

Please report new issues to our bugbase at:

                                      The Apache Royale Project