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Roller 2.3.1: minor release to fix security risk form and licensing issue
*** Fixes for Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities
Fixed multiple XSS vulnerabilities. Changes were isoluated in these files:
- WEB-INF/lib/rollerweb.jar
Now strips HTML from all incoming comment fields
- WEB-INF/classes/comments.vm
Now HTML-escapes all comment-form fields before display
- weblog/CommentManagement.jsp
Now HTML-escapes all comment-form fields before display
- tags/date.jsp
Now HTML-escapes value field of date widget
- theme/head.jsp
Eliminated the "look" request parameter, which was for debugging only
*** Licensing issue with JavaMail and Activation jars
The JavaMail and Activation jars (mail.jar and activation.jar) included in
Roller 2.3 were licensed under Sun's Binary Code License, which is incompatible
with Apache licensing policy. So these jars have been removed from the release
and instructions have been added to the Installation Guide that explain
how to get them and add them to Roller.
Roller 2.3: improvements and bug fixes, no major new features
Apache policy compliance
* Java package name changed from org.roller to org.apache.roller
* Apache license header applied to all files
* JSPWiki plugin removed from release
* Ekit editor applet removed from release
* Javascript enhanced editor removed from release
* Hibernate jars removed from release
* Jazzy spell checker removed from release
* [ROL-872] - Support for both entry summary and content
* [ROL-1079] - Slight modification on the file upload confirmation message
* [ROL-1102] - NPE in CommentServlet.doGet(
* [ROL-1115] - Make it possible to require comment moderation for all weblogs
* [ROL-1116] - Make it possible to set default weblog editor
* [ROL-980] - Change to org.apache.roller packaging
* [ROL-982] - Add Apache license text to all source files
* [ROL-1111] - Backend Refactorings
* [ROL-995] - Limit comments to safe HTML subset only
* [ROL-1009] - Entries page and metaweblog.getRecentPosts() should sort by update time
* [ROL-1032] - Confirmation message when moderated comment is submitted
* [ROL-1036] - Entries page should support next/prev paging and updateTime ordering
* [ROL-1042] - Make newsfeeds obey entry count settings in weblog preferences
* [ROL-1046] - Make it easier to set Planet cache directory
* [ROL-1092] - Entries page should default to sort by updateTime
* [ROL-920] - Next/Prev-Entry-Navigation
* [ROL-485] - Inactive user status - Retire Weblog
* [ROL-938] - Make Technorati API limit configurable
* [ROL-473] - Page view for specific date should show all entries for date
* [ROL-736] - Not possible to add one blog to multiple groups
* [ROL-873] - Supplied web.xml is not Servlet 2.4 compliant
* [ROL-902] - Publish to future not working
* [ROL-927] - Cannot update site-wide settings against Oracle database
* [ROL-970] - Fix Hibernate Errors
* [ROL-1024] - Error in comment generated e-mail
* [ROL-1026] - File upload bug on mozilla, solaris
* [ROL-1028] - Newsfeeds not using max entries set in config
* [ROL-1029] - Roller's MetaWeblog API support not compatible with
* [ROL-1035] - #showRecentComments() should sort by reverse chrono
* [ROL-1038] - Generated mails have no date header
* [ROL-1039] - "Unexpected Exception" instead of a 404 Bug
* [ROL-1040] - In-line search results broken
* [ROL-1056] - Retire weblog exception error
* [ROL-1058] - HTML friendly tags: bug w/ links left in comments
* [ROL-1065] - 404 on uploaded files containing a "+"
* [ROL-1066] - Cache treats weblog handles as mixed case
* [ROL-1070] - CommentAuthenticator internationalization broken in 2.1
* [ROL-1071] - Error in getDaysPopularWebsites
* [ROL-1072] - showRecentCommentsList - bottom to top instead top to bottom
* [ROL-1076] - 2.1 upgrade script errors on MySQL 5.0
* [ROL-1078] - Blog feed replace by site wide feed
* [ROL-1082] - XMLHttpRequest in clientSideInclude.js should use Asynchronous request
* [ROL-1083] - 200-to-210-migration.sql fails in MySQL 5.x
* [ROL-1085] - Duplicate referrer records created for same URL
* [ROL-1086] - Site-wide search broken
* [ROL-1089] - A small typo in the installation guide
* [ROL-1090] - Enabling linkback extraction requires restart
* [ROL-1091] - Limited authors should be able to preview blog entries
* [ROL-1148] - Roller use of BIT type breaks on MySQL 5.0.3 and higher
Roller 2.2 : we skipped this release
Roller 2.1.1 release: emergency bug fix release
* [ROL-1081] - Migration script for 1.3 to 2.0 resets entry pubtime and updatetime
Roller 2.1 release: new feature release adds comment management and performance fixes
New Features
* [ROL-492] - Comment moderation
* [ROL-930] - Add support for Really Simple Discovery (RSD)
* [ROL-332] - Move Remember Me flag to rollerconfig
* [ROL-562] - Per-entry comment setting defaults should be website setting
* [ROL-788] - Better comment/trackback management and spam protection
* [ROL-853] - Planet should hit database for local blogs
* [ROL-858] - Multi-file upload
* [ROL-879] - Add newsfeed auto-discovery links on the main pages
* [ROL-911] - Referrer/hit-count reset is very slow on large systems
* [ROL-914] - Rewrite caching system
* [ROL-915] - Trackback verification
* [ROL-917] - Use Velocity to generate database creation/upgrade scripts
* [ROL-919] - Option to turn off Topic Tag bookmark query
* [ROL-934] - Filter spiders from dayhits
* [ROL-945] - Support RSD for blog clients
* [ROL-960] - Performance: Referrer processing rewrite. Asynchronous
* [ROL-961] - Performance: If-Modified Weblog Page Filter
* [ROL-963] - Performance: Update IfPlanetModified to cache update times
* [ROL-964] - Performance: Memcached based cache
* [ROL-965] - Performance: Caching for roller runtime props.
* [ROL-966] - Display days controlled in website settings
* [ROL-967] - Comments moderation preview layout issue
* [ROL-989] - User profile and user admin pages send passwords in the clear
* [ROL-992] - Support for Atom 1.0 format in planet aggregator
* [ROL-1002] - Trackback reports NPE rather than HTTP status code
* [ROL-1004] - Document Acegi security keys
* [ROL-1005] - Switch to nice looking FamFamFam icons instead of Swing ones
* [ROL-1008] - Be lenient about MetaWeblog newPost/editPost publish flag
Bug fixes
* [ROL-559] - Do comments in x2 and Sunset themes work?
* [ROL-571] - White blotches in areas of calendar
* [ROL-646] - Flush Cache not working correctly
* [ROL-784] - "Redirect limit exceeded" on Mac OSX w/ Safari 2.0
* [ROL-824] - MetaWeblog API treating passwords as unencrypted
* [ROL-874] - German trans. contains specific welcome.title
* [ROL-876] - Javascript error in comments.vm
* [ROL-900] - Missing delete user UI control
* [ROL-923] - Tooltip help links on plugins broken
* [ROL-935] - Comment authenticator failing
* [ROL-956] - Emoticons broken in Roller 2.0
* [ROL-957] - Smiley's plugin does not produce XHTML valid <img> tag
* [ROL-968] - Referrer spam still getting past the site black list
* [ROL-969] - Fix date filter in comments moderation
* [ROL-988] - bug in showNextPreviousLinks()
* [ROL-990] - Referrers not filtered against site-wide blacklist
* [ROL-1007] - Main RSS feed: <lastBuildDate> is empty
* [ROL-1051] - Attachments don't work when there are spaces in the filename
Roller 2.0 release: major new release adds group blogging and streamlined UI
New Features
* [ROL-598] - Group blog support
* [ROL-599] - Group blog simple workflow support
* [ROL-467] - Multiple Authors of a Blog
* [ROL-600] - Admins are superusers
* [ROL-809] - Support for Apache Derby
* [ROL-810] - IBM DB2 support
* [ROL-767] - Turn on MathCommentAuthenticator by default
* [ROL-789] - Allow trackbacks to be enable/disabled independently of comments
* [ROL-793] - planet configs cache dir should be in not UI
* [ROL-812] - Remove the old $macros support
* [ROL-815] - Upgrade to Hibernate 3.0.5
* [ROL-839] - Allow configuration of list of allowable trackbacks (for internal corporate blogs)
Bugs fixed
* [ROL-683] - Calendar may show extra day
* [ROL-751] - If did not input anything, the new blog entry will also be saved.
* [ROL-754] - Database creation failes under MySQL 5.0.x (fix included)
* [ROL-760] - multi language search string corrupted in resin2.1.x and tomcat4.x
* [ROL-766] - Internationalization broken in #showNewsfeed() macro
* [ROL-780] - Next / Prev links on weblog pages broken
* [ROL-781] - Atom 1.0 feed broken
* [ROL-799] - New Editor theme has whitespace around Roller logo in Safari
* [ROL-803] - E-Mail address for weblog is not persisted when weblog created
* [ROL-804] - Add new theme text box is too wide
* [ROL-806] - Deleting a template with no content fails
* [ROL-807] - Clicking the "Customize" button on the Theme page returns a result page with no CSS
* [ROL-811] - Unnecessary JSESSIONIDs in URLs
* [ROL-814] - Edit links not appearing on blog pages, despite logged-in state
* [ROL-816] - Draft entries available in blog via permalink
* [ROL-817] - Search results page not updated for 2.0 UI
* [ROL-820] - Registration page should not default to Albanian
* [ROL-822] - Posting/previewing of comment broken
* [ROL-834] - Planet not refreshing
* [ROL-835] - User can't create blog when group blogging disabled
* [ROL-836] - Disabled users should not show up in list of possible invitees
* [ROL-837] - Calendar doesn't reflect date on entry page
* [ROL-838] - Comment form shown when comments disabled sitewide
* [ROL-843] - Intermittent planet page errors
* [ROL-844] - Posting a blog entry breaks the blog page
* [ROL-861] - After deleting a user, the page no longer loads
Roller 1.3 - Bug fix release
Bug fixes
* [ROL-760] - multi language search string corrupted in resin2.1.x and tomcat4.x
* [ROL-766] - Internationalization broken in #showNewsfeed() macro
* [ROL-782] - Weblog Editor plug-ins broken or won't load altogether
* [ROL-613] - Support other system property expansion in file paths in Roller configuration
* [ROL-775] - Updated ApplicationResources for DE locale
Roller 1.2 - New feature release
Also, changed license to Apache License v2.0
New Feature
* [ROL-305] - Configurable pings
* [ROL-708] - Metadata driven configuration
* [ROL-730] - Upgraded to Ekit-editor version 1.0
Bugs fixes
* [ROL-684] - ekit jar in wrong place
* [ROL-699] - Weblog Editor shows wrong timezone
* [ROL-725] - RSS dates are invalid in non-English locales
* [ROL-729] - Deleting Pinned to Main Entry
* [ROL-734] - Bookmark OPML fails if folder named 'unfiled' already exists
* [ROL-742] - Saving Website:Settings clears hit count
* [ROL-743] - #showOpmlLink() macro broken
Roller 1.1.2 - Bug fix release
No new features, just one bug fix.
* [ROL-724] - Deleted and modified entris not removed from Search Index
Roller 1.1.1 - Bug fix release
No new features, just one bug fix.
* [ROL-716] Search is broken
Roller 1.1 - New feature release
This release includes basic support for Podcasting, bug fixes and minor improvements.
A new aggregator front page (known as Planet Roller) has been added to Roller, but
it is an unsupported feature available only via Roller's custom build mechanism.
New Features
* [ROL-711] - Support Podcasting
* [ROL-596] - Aggregator front page (unsupported: only in custom builds)
* [ROL-405] - getConfigPath() in RollerContext doesn't handle SecurityException
* [ROL-433] - Bookmarks, Import of OPML file fails on trying to insert null.
* [ROL-464] - Error changing name of folder
* [ROL-529] - read more summary plugins can't support chinese title
* [ROL-649] - Email notification may not send notifications with bad addresses
* [ROL-650] - Email privacy issues in comment notification
* [ROL-651] - Notification emails don't use the correct website URL
* [ROL-652] - Notification emails contain unnecessary information for commenter
* [ROL-655] - Bookmark linker plugin is overly agressive
* [ROL-665] - Broken themes on Tomcat 5.5.7
* [ROL-677] - CloseSessionFilter not always called for login.jsp
* [ROL-689] - Rolling theme in theme selectors - preview fails to return
* [ROL-695] - Can't save anything in an empty db or empty website
* [ROL-700] - Exception on RollerSession passivation
* [ROL-701] - Rolling theme includes don't show up in preview
* [ROL-710] - MetaWeblog API: permalinks should not be relative
* [ROL-530] - Child categories should be in a parent categories feed
* [ROL-604] - Add MS SqlServer support to Roller
* [ROL-615] - Lift 100 entry limit in MetaWelog API
* [ROL-632] - UserCookieData lacks equals() and hashcode()
* [ROL-669] - Main page should include auto-disco link
* [ROL-679] - Externalize configuration of Hibernate
1.0.1 Bug Fix Releasee
Fixes minor bugs in Roller 1.0 and adds support for rel="nofollow"
* [ROL-621] - Twisty Comments broken in 1.0
* [ROL-623] - Unexpanded type macros in 097-098 upgrade script for mysql
* [ROL-625] - Remember Me doesn't work in 1.0 and Firefox
* [ROL-628] - Flawed SQL clause for moving users in 097-to-098-upgrade script.
* [ROL-631] - Blacklist update task doesn't catch all exceptions
* [ROL-640] - Search page reports incorrect (high) counts
* [ROL-641] - CommentsServlet *throws* an NPE if it can't find a weblog entry
* [ROL-647] - Unclosed link tag causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException if
using Textile and ReadMore plugins
New Feature
* [ROL-627] - rel="nofollow" for referrers, trackbacks, and comments
* [ROL-642] - cheb theme requires a minor adjustment to fix font color problem on the menu
* [ROL-643] - Add Icelandic application resources
Fixes minor found in Roller 1.0 RC2.
* [ROL-538] - Remember Me seems to be broken
* [ROL-554] - Norwegian and Danish characters are corrupted
* [ROL-560] - Weblog Edit page problems with some browsers
* [ROL-565] - File upload creates bogus directory
* [ROL-572] - User admin page glitches
* [ROL-574] - Site wide RSS feed is your own if you are logged in
* [ROL-575] - Confusing instructions -- Replace "&" by "&"
* [ROL-576] - Email notification is not working
* [ROL-577] - Missing and Unexpected jars in lib
* [ROL-578] - Captcha requiring duplicate gimpybackgrounds directory
* [ROL-581] - Warning navigating to Website tab
* [ROL-583] - Double defined listeners
* [ROL-585] - Restore old themes
* [ROL-586] - Edit folder fails with exception
* [ROL-590] - "Read More" plugin should ignore HTML tags
* [ROL-603] - roller.log file created in startup directory
* [ROL-612] - blacklist.txt file getting written to /
* [ROL-501] - Allow commenters to opt-in to email notification of comments
* [ROL-558] - Resources should not be browsable
1.0RC2: 2nd Release Candidate for Roller 1.0
[ROL-338] - Delete-user blows up on PostgreSQL
[ROL-508] - I18N problems in sending a trackback
[ROL-509] - Errors in PostgreSQL migration script for 0.98 to 1.0
[ROL-512] - Recent Drafts list in Weblog editor does not show future posts
[ROL-516] - properties.xmlf missing from src release
[ROL-522] - RSS feed pubDate does not indicate AM/PM
[ROL-523] - org.apache.jasper.JasperException: /taglibs.jsp(0,0) problem
[ROL-524] - utility won't work with PostgreSQL
[ROL-525] - Attempt to disable Blogger API raises exception
[ROL-532] - no rollback on exception when deleting user
[ROL-535] - Velocity context not properly populated on CommentServlet.doPost()
[ROL-539] - Correct comments path in #showHiddenCommentsForm()
[ROL-542] - XML-RPC deletePost not working
[ROL-544] - Exception on following link after comment submission
[ROL-548] - Bookmark display macro not obeying sort order
[ROL-550] - Checkbox for e-mail on comments appears even if e-mail is centrally disabled
[ROL-551] - Toggle linkback throws exception
[ROL-477] - Pluggable authentication mechanism for comments (with JCaptcha option)
[ROL-507] - Redundant numerical character references in RSS feed
1.0RC1: 1st Release Candidate for Roller 1.0
The major new features of Roller 0.9.9 are a new Editor UI, hierarchical
categories, hierarchical bookmark/blogroll folders with OPML import/export,
Atom API support, Atom newsfeed support, a new look-and-feel in the Web
interface, lots of other features, and numerous bug fixes.
This is the fifth release in the Roller 0.9.9 branch. The first release
was deployed on JRoller in May. Since then many bug fixes and architectural
improvements have been made, including:
ROL-199 FIXED Referential integrity failure deleting bookmark folder
ROL-60 FIXED Encrypt passwords in the DB
ROL-294 FIXED Add a #showWeblogEntriesForCategory(catname) macro.
ROL-293 FIXED add macro to display all bookmarks without specifying category
ROL-292 FIXED BoggerAPIHandler shows password in plain text
ROL-229 FIXED Customizable Calendar?
ROL-359 FIXED CVS Create-db.sql fails on postgresql
ROL-310 FIXED Deleting entry should also delete referrers and comments
ROL-271 FIXED Description field should be encoded or CDATA-ified
ROL-325 FIXED Don't allow delete of last category
ROL-318 FIXED Don't count referrers from own blog
ROL-303 FIXED Hierarchical Categories
ROL-357 FIXED Improve Calendar/archive navigation
ROL-321 FIXED Improve wiki syntax handling in RSS feeds
ROL-273 FIXED Installation instructions need to include mention of mail.jar
ROL-306 FIXED Linkback enable link does not work
ROL-147 FIXED Nesting bookmark folders
ROL-275 FIXED Newpost in bloggerapi always tries to ping
ROL-274 FIXED Postgres expects boolean value in queries, not '1'
ROL-299 FIXED Recent entries preview doesn't use _entry page
ROL-289 FIXED Referrer filter not working
ROL-298 FIXED RSS feeds do not support HTTP Conditional GET or Gzip encoding
ROL-282 FIXED roller-index location should be configurable
ROL-308 FIXED Search should list findings in reverse chrono order
ROL-307 FIXED Todays page hits count inaccurate
ROL-279 FIXED User management page needs improvement.
ROL-231 FIXED view of weblog fails
ROL-311 FIXED Want to browse previous and next article
ROL-339 FIXED Weblog calendar not showing all entries
ROL-347 FIXED Where did sign-up link in the main page
ROL-326 FIXED Allow for mime-type override on pages
ROL-233 FIXED Add timezone setting to Website::Settings
ROL-13 FIXED Front page improvements
ROL-297 FIXED Include <guid> elements in default RSS feeds
ROL-235 FIXED Localized SimpleDateFormat fouls up calendar weblog title
ROL-224 FIXED Lucene Search Should Display Summary
ROL-142 FIXED Make RollerConfig use database tables rather than xml file.
ROL-168 FIXED Obfuscate email addresses in Comments (and elsewhere?)
ROL-18 FIXED OPML export of bookmarks
ROL-268 FIXED postgres features
ROL-225 FIXED RSS import from other blogs
ROL-288 FIXED Search function should also search the titles
ROL-315 FIXED Send trackback doesn't strip HTML from wiki entries
ROL-290 FIXED Some admin config options are never persisted
ROL-286 FIXED Use instead of ResultSet.first()
ROL-312 FIXED Add basic FOAF support from current data
ROL-201 FIXED Sample Apache JkMounts for mod-jk
ROL-105 FIXED User can delete Referrers
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug fix release
Includes a couple of I18N fixes.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug fix release
ROL-252 FIXED Wrong comments link in RSS
ROL-241 FIXED xml feed uses dc:date instead of pubDate
ROL-258 FIXED Enable comments by default for new blogs
ROL-251 FIXED Roller config changes should be immediately flushed
ROL-171 FIXED comments needs improvement, I get lots of double postings
ROL-249 FIXED Disabling comments doesn't disable the comment form on
the comment-form-in-page
ROL-246 FIXED Adding a page causes unhandled exception
ROL-232 FIXED &nbsp problems in RSS feed
ROL-212 FIXED Empty blog page
ROL-255 FIXED Theme won't change
ROL-216 FIXED Admin can't delete user.
ROL-242 FIXED ping sends wrong URL
ROL-259 FIXED Get rid of the FIRST POST!
ROL-237 FIXED Preview Theme doesn't seem to be working
ROL-214 FIXED Category chooser for Currency theme
ROL-202 FIXED Error saving customizations to theme
ROL-238 FIXED Parameters intended for the 'edit website settings' are
being sent to the logout-redirect.jsp.
ROL-264 FIXED Ping should be off by default in weblog editor
ROL-245 FIXED Mispelling
0.9.8: Performance improvements and bug fixes
Dramatic performance increase due to addition of database indices, proper
use of persistence sessions, and new version of OSCache. New features include ping and integrated Lucene weblog search.
ROL-197 FIXED error inserting null into page.updatetime on register new user
ROL-196 FIXED Blogger/MetaBlog API operations flush entire cache
ROL-187 FIXED Some SQL friendly table and column renames
ROL-206 FIXED Comment links in site-wide RSS feed are wrong
ROL-160 FIXED Theme switcher workflow issues
ROL-172 FIXED index.jsp only contains Home | Login links
ROL-198 FIXED Support accented characters in RSS
ROL-208 FIXED Client-aborts should not be logged as errors
ROL-60 FIXED Encrypt passwords in the DB
ROL-189 FIXED Add macro to set content type of a page
ROL-180 FIXED Use relative URLs in HTML, make RSS URLs configurable
ROL-173 FIXED hsqldb migration script has syntax issues
ROL-179 FIXED Main page not updating list of updated blogs
ROL-183 FIXED Linkback extractor can't handle relative auto-discovery links
ROL-120 FIXED encoding type wrong (freeroller)
ROL-178 FIXED PageCache and RssCache filter timeouts cannot differ
ROL-100 FIXED Resin specific install guide
ROL-181 FIXED Ping when entry changed/entered
ROL-185 FIXED Test page doesn't close JDBC connection
ROL-215 FIXED Anchor links for Currency theme
ROL-209 FIXED Blogger API error messages reversed
ROL-184 FIXED SQL script improvements
ROL-207 FIXED Main page list of popular blogs should be smaller
ROL-205 FIXED dstest.jsp wont compile
ROL-200 FIXED Context XML file for Tomcat 4.1.x
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug fix release
Fixes these bugs:
ROL-196 Blogger/MetaBlog API operations flush entire cache
ROL-193 Trackback URL display should use absolute URL
ROL-192 LinkbackExtract should mind absolute URL config
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug fix release
Fixes these bugs:
ROL-179 Main page not updating list of updated blogs
ROL-183 Linkback extractor can't handle relative
auto-discovery links
ROL-180 Use relative URLs in HTML, make RSS URLs configurable
ROL-175 Most recent weblog entries on main page not refreshed
ROL-178 PageCache and RssCache filter timeouts cannot differ
ROL-188 Links to "Most recent weblog posts" are always http
(roller running on https)
For the full details of bug fixes, see Roller's JIRA issue tracking system
at the URL below:
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bug fix release
Fixes these bugs:
ROL-155 referrer.refpermalink should be allowed to be null.
ROL-167 JavaScript error on delete comments page
ROL-157 Postgres SQL problems
ROL-152 Delete comment page is blank
ROL-166 Add missing <comments> element to RSS output
ROL-161 Comments not always in proper chrono order
ROL-153 Missing DBCP jars needed for Tomcat 4.0.X
ROL-159 Newsfeed display macro(s) broken
ROL-171 comments needs improvement, I get lots of double postings
ROL-162 Comment formatting not preserved when HTML disabled
ROL-156 Remove JSTL to please Resin
ROL-169 Javier's Calendar style improvements
ROL-163 #showRSSAutodiscoveryLink() is not XHTML compliant
ROL-170 Support Mozilla 1.3 Midas Editor
ROL-164 Upgrade to Velocity 1.3.1
ROL-165 Upgrade to Hibernate 2.0 RC1
ROL-154 Missing indices needed for MySQL 4.0
For the full details of bug fixes, see Roller's JIRA issue tracking system
at the URL below:
0.9.7: Major new release
Summary of new features:
Comments, Trackbacks, and Linkbacks
* Both in-page and pop-up style comments are supported
* Remember-me feature for comments
* You can delete comments that you don't like
* Support for Movable Type style Trackbacks
* Trackbacks are treated as comments
* You can send Trackback pings to other weblogs
* Support for Mark Pilgrim style "for further reading" Linkbacks
* Linkback searches referring sites and RSS feeds for excerpts
* Linkbacks can be disabled by Roller administrator
* New showDayReferrers() macros displays Linkbacks for day
MetaWeblog API
* Support for both Blogger API and MetaWeblog API
* Allows both titles and categories from w.bloggar and other clients.
* Simplified main page is much faster than before
* Main page displays most recent posts and most popular blogs
* Main page RSS feed aggregates all posts on site
* Remember-me feature for logins
* New VelociMacros are replacing old page macros
* One click to post as public or post as private
* Spell checker for posts
For the full list of bug fixes, see Roller's JIRA issue tracking system
at the URL below:
0.9.6: Administration enhancements, new features, bug fixes
Summary of new features:
Multi-user features:
- Admin UI for deleting users
- Better start page: pages through users, shows time of last update
- Plugin authenticator for JavaLobby integration
- Allow users to change their email addresses and passwords
Weblog authoring enhancements:
- Ekit HTML editor applet is available as an option to users
- Option to save weblog entries without publishing them
- Better control over weblog entry publish date
- Daily referrer and hit tracking
New and improved macros:
- Protection from recursion in includePage and showWeblogEntries macros
- Big archive calendar macro shows titles for each day
- Expand/collapse feature in Bookmark and Newsfeed macros
- Users can control number of weblog entries displayed
- New macros, including those necessary for RSS templating
RSS related features:
- Built in support for RSS 2.0
- Multiple RSS feeds for each weblog, one for each category
- RSS feeds available with full-text or excerpts only
- RSS aggregation features may now be disabled
- RSS syndication output is now cached
For the full list of enhancements and bug fixes, see Roller's JIRA issue
tracking system at the URL below:
0.9.5: Enhancements, better database support, bug fixes (August 31, 2002)
This new Roller release includes some enhancements to XHTML support,
bookmark management, database support for PostgreSQL and HSQL-DB, and
some bug fixes. Thanks to new Roller contributors Lance Lavandowska,
Matt Raible, Simon Stewart for their work on this release.
- Support for XHTML and CSS in generated weblog pages (Matt)
- Better Page URLs in the Navigation Bar Tag and PageServlet (Lance)
- Support for HSQL and PostgreSQL databases (Lance and Simon)
- Export feature for backing up website (Dave)
- Bookmark import by file-upload of OPML file (Dave)
- Multiple bookmark move and delete on edit-bookmark page (Dave)
- Some bug fixes
0.9.4: Bug fixes (July 6, 2002)
Fixes for these bugs:
Bug #576004: Blogger API posts do not flush cache
Bug #576719: Calendar in Weblog:Edit page not working
Bug #576902: Error in web.xml, rollerdb datasource was omited
Bug #576157: RSS feed items are not ordered properly
Bug #576731: Database jars should go in common/lib
0.9.3: New features, better configuration, and bug fixes (June 30, 2002)
- Blogger API Support: You can enable Blogger API and choose which
the category for incoming Blogger API posts on the Website Settings page.
You can configure your Blogger API client by using the path
/roller/xmlrpc and your Roller username and password. Blogger API
support was contributed by Shawn Dahlen (dahlen at
- Database configuration via JNDI DataSources: Roller now looks up
datasources in JNDI (using java:comp/env/jdbc/rollerdb).
- Database connection pooling: if you follow the instructions in the
Roller installation guide, Roller will use database connection pooling.
- Results caching for weblog pages: Roller now uses OSCache for caching
all weblog pages. This results in a dramatic improvement in performance.
- Three new themes: Roller now includes three new themes, adapted from
free themes found on
- Lots of bug fixes: too numerous to list.
0.9.2: Minor bug fixes in user and newsfeed managers
0.9.1: Bug fix release April 29, 2002
- BUG #542478 FIXED: Delete category broken
Now, if you try to delete a category that is in use you will get a
warning. You will be asked if you would like to move the entries in
that category to another category.
- BUG #542479 FIXED: Delete folder broken
Now, if you try to delete a folder that has contents you will get a
warning. You will be asked if you would like to move the contents of
that folder to another folder.
- Changed Castor JDO data member in RollerImpl to transient so that it
does not cause an error if the Roller session is serialized.
- Introduced and made general
improvements in database connection usage.
0.9.0: Initial public release April 6, 2002