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Apache Roller

Apache Roller is a Java-based, full-featured, multi-user and group-blog server suitable for blog sites large and small. Roller is typically run with Apache Tomcat and MySQL. Roller is made up of the following Maven projects:

  • roller-project: Top level project
  • app: Roller Weblogger webapp, JSP pages, Velocity templates
  • assembly-release: Used to create official distributions of Roller
  • docs: Roller documentation in ODT format
  • it-selenium: Integrated browser tests for Roller using Selenium


The Roller Install, User and Template Guides are available in ODT format (for OpenOffice or LibraOffice):

For more information

Hit the Roller Confluence wiki:

Quick start: Running via Maven

Assuming you've got a UNIX shell, Java, Maven and Git:

Get the code:

$ git clone

Build and test the code:

$ cd roller
$ mvn clean install

Run Roller in Jetty with Derby database:

$ cd app
$ mvn jetty:run

Once Jetty is up and running browse to http://localhost:8080/roller to try to Roller.

Quick start: running via Docker

Assuming you‘ve got Docker, here’s how you can run Roller for demo purposes.

Get the code:

$ git clone

Run Docker Compose to build and launch Roller along with a PostgreSQL database:

$ cd roller
$ docker-compose up

It will take a while to build the Docker image. Once it's done browse to http://localhost:8080/roller to try Roller.