title: “Quick Start” permalink: /docs/quick-start/ excerpt: “How to quickly install and setup Apache RocketMQ.” modified: 2016-12-29T15:01:43-04:00

This quick start guide is a detailed instruction of setting up RocketMQ messaging system on your local machine to send and receive messages.

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The following softwares are assumed installed:

  1. 64bit OS, Linux/Unix/Mac is recommended;
  2. 64bit JDK 1.8+;
  3. Maven 3.2.x;
  4. Git;
  5. 4g+ free disk for Broker server

Download & Build from Release

Click here to download the 4.4.0 source release. Also you could download a binary release from here.

Now execute the following commands to unpack 4.4.0 source release and build the binary artifact.

  > unzip rocketmq-all-4.4.0-source-release.zip
  > cd rocketmq-all-4.4.0/
  > mvn -Prelease-all -DskipTests clean install -U
  > cd distribution/target/apache-rocketmq

Start Name Server

  > nohup sh bin/mqnamesrv &
  > tail -f ~/logs/rocketmqlogs/namesrv.log
  The Name Server boot success...

Start Broker

  > nohup sh bin/mqbroker -n localhost:9876 &
  > tail -f ~/logs/rocketmqlogs/broker.log 
  The broker[%s,] boot success...

Send & Receive Messages

Before sending/receiving messages, we need to tell clients the location of name servers. RocketMQ provides multiple ways to achieve this. For simplicity, we use environment variable NAMESRV_ADDR

 > export NAMESRV_ADDR=localhost:9876
 > sh bin/tools.sh org.apache.rocketmq.example.quickstart.Producer
 SendResult [sendStatus=SEND_OK, msgId= ...

 > sh bin/tools.sh org.apache.rocketmq.example.quickstart.Consumer
 ConsumeMessageThread_%d Receive New Messages: [MessageExt...

Shutdown Servers

> sh bin/mqshutdown broker
The mqbroker(36695) is running...
Send shutdown request to mqbroker(36695) OK

> sh bin/mqshutdown namesrv
The mqnamesrv(36664) is running...
Send shutdown request to mqnamesrv(36664) OK