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Apache RocketMQ website

This is the website for [Apache RocketMQ]( http://rocketmq.apache.org/).


This website is based on Jekyll and a Jekyll theme named Minimal Mistakes.


  1. Ruby
  2. Gem

Install & Run

  1. gem install jekyll bundler
  2. git clone this repo
  3. cd rocketmq-sites
  4. bundle install
  5. bundle exec jekyll serve

Deploy to asf-site

  1. Checkout branch asf-site and merge the changes:git merge origin/master
  2. Generate the site to content directory: bundle exec jekyll build
  3. Check the changes and commit.
  4. Push asf-site to remote branch.


How to post articles to Documentation?

New a .md file in rocketmq-sites/_docs/, Jekyll will finish the rest of the work.

Please refer to 01-quick-start-guide.md for more details.

How to post articles to Blog?

New a .md file in rocketmq-sites/_posts/, Jekyll will finish the rest of the work.

Please refer to 2016-12-23-mastering-component-compatible-dependency.md for more details.

How to modify the navigation?

Please refer to _data/navigation.yml for more details.