Apache RocketMQ ONS is a RocketMQ lightweight client.
As a high-level client, ONS is more simple and easy to use than native clients. It shields the underlying implementation details and provides a better abstraction. It also removes admin interfaces used for resource management. Therefore, for most RocketMQ users, ONS can be used to access the RocketMQ service faster, and the code is more concise and secure.


  • Produce messages, including normal, transactional, delayed messages, in synchronously, asynchronously and oneway model.
  • Consume messages, in cluster or broadcast model, concurrently and orderly with push consumer
  • Automatically rebalanced, both in producing and consuming process.
  • Reliability, any downtime broker or name server has no impact on the client.


We always welcome new contributions, whether for trivial cleanups, big new features or other material rewards, more details see here.


Apache License, Version 2.0 Copyright (C) Apache Software Foundation