The state-of-the-art Dashboard of Apache RoccketMQ provides excellent monitoring capability. Various graphs and statistics of events, performance and system information of clients and application is evidently made available to the user.

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Apache RocketMQ Dashboard

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Quick Start

Run with docker

Pull from docker hub(rocketmq-dashboard)

docker pull apacherocketmq/rocketmq-dashboard:latest

Run it (use your own rocketmq.namesrv.addr and port)

docker run -d --name rocketmq-dashboard -e "JAVA_OPTS=-Drocketmq.namesrv.addr=" -p 8080:8080 -t apacherocketmq/rocketmq-dashboard:latest

Run with source code


  1. 64bit OS, Linux/Unix/Mac is recommended;
  2. 64bit JDK 1.8+;
  3. Maven 3.2.x;

Maven spring-boot run

mvn spring-boot:run


Maven build and run

mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip=true
java -jar target/rocketmq-dashboard-1.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar


  • If you download the package slowly, you can change maven‘s mirror(maven’s settings.xml)

              <name>aliyun maven</name>
  • Change the rocketmq.config.namesrvAddr in resource/ you can change it in ops page)





We are always very happy to have contributions, whether for trivial cleanups or big new features. Please see the RocketMQ main website to read the details.


Apache License, Version 2.0 Copyright (C) Apache Software Foundation