RocketMQ Clients - Collection of Client Bindings for Apache RocketMQ

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RocketMQ Clients - Collection of Client Bindings for Apache RocketMQ

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Client bindings for Apache RocketMQ, as known as RocketMQ 5.x SDK. All of them follow the specification of rocketmq-apis, replacing 4.x remoting-based counterparts. Clients in this repository are built on top of Protocol Buffers and gRPC.


Provide cloud-native and robust solutions for Java, C++, C#, Golang, Rust and all other mainstream programming languages.

Features and Status

  • Ready - ✅
  • Work in progress - 🚧
Producer with standard messages🚧🚧
Producer with FIFO messages🚧🚧
Producer with timed/delay messages🚧🚧
Producer with transactional messages🚧🚧
Simple consumer🚧🚧
Push consumer with concurrent message listener🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧
Push consumer with FIFO message listener🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧

Prerequisite and Build

This project is organized as a monorepo, with each language's bindings containing specific instructions in their respective subdirectories for building the project. As the rocketmq-apis submodule is incorporated into the project and could be utilized by some bindings, we highly advise cloning the repository by executing the command below:

git clone --recursive


Similar to other projects of Apache RocketMQ, any attempt to make this project better is welcome, including but not limited to filing a bug report, correcting type error or document writing to complete feature implementation. Do not hesitate to make a pull request if this project catches your attention.



Apache License, Version 2.0 Copyright (C) Apache Software Foundation