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Project rocketmq-client-rust is targeted to implement Rust binding in native Rust code. At the current moment, it is still a work-in-progress project. Do not use it in production till it grows mature enough.


Basically, this project would follow the same paradigm of rocketmq-client-cpp v5.0.0. Namely, we would build the whole client following protocols described in rocketmq-apis on top of tokio, utilizing Protocol buffers to serialize and deserialize data in transmission.

How to build

We would use cargo to build, run and test.


This project follows Apache License Version 2.0.

How to contribute

Similar to other Apache RocketMQ projects, we welcome contributions in various ways, from filing a bug report, correcting type error, document writing to complete feature implementation. Any attempt to make this project better is welcome.

If this project catches your attention, do not hesitate to make a pull request.