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RocketMQ Client Go

License TravisCI

The RocketMQ Client in pure go, the project is developing, there is no any guarantee in production environment. in next versions, we will do our best to improve reliability, stability, usability and performance. the API may be changed, and more features will be added. there are many works need to continue in this project, like unit test, integration test, stable test, new feature, optimization, documents, etc. so, any contribution is very welcome. if you want do something, please browse issue list and select one, or create a new issue.


in 2.0.0-alpha1, support:

  • sending message in synchronous mode
  • sending message in oneway mode
  • consuming message using push model

How to use

Apache RocketMQ Community

Contact us

How to Contribute

Contributions are warmly welcome! Be it trivial cleanup, major new feature or other suggestion. Read this how to contribute guide for more details.


Apache License, Version 2.0 Copyright (C) Apache Software Foundation