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* Define the ctx key and value type.
package primitive
import (
type CtxKey int
type CommunicationMode string
type ConsumeReturnType string
func (c ConsumeReturnType) Ordinal() int {
switch c {
case SuccessReturn:
return 0
case TimeoutReturn:
return 1
case ExceptionReturn:
return 2
case NullReturn:
return 3
case FailedReturn:
return 4
rlog.Error(fmt.Sprintf("illegal ConsumeReturnType: %v", c), nil)
return 0
const (
method CtxKey = iota
// method name in producer
SendSync CommunicationMode = "SendSync"
SendOneway CommunicationMode = "SendOneway"
SendAsync CommunicationMode = "SendAsync"
// method name in consumer
ConsumerPush = "ConsumerPush"
ConsumerPull = "ConsumerPull"
PropCtxType = "ConsumeContextType"
SuccessReturn ConsumeReturnType = "SUCCESS"
TimeoutReturn ConsumeReturnType = "TIMEOUT"
ExceptionReturn ConsumeReturnType = "EXCEPTION"
NullReturn ConsumeReturnType = "RETURNNULL"
FailedReturn ConsumeReturnType = "FAILED"
type ConsumeMessageContext struct {
ConsumerGroup string
Msgs []*MessageExt
MQ *MessageQueue
Success bool
Status string
// mqTractContext
Properties map[string]string
// WithMethod set call method name
func WithMethod(ctx context.Context, m CommunicationMode) context.Context {
return context.WithValue(ctx, method, m)
// GetMethod get call method name
func GetMethod(ctx context.Context) CommunicationMode {
return ctx.Value(method).(CommunicationMode)
// WithConsumerCtx set ConsumeMessageContext in PushConsumer
func WithConsumerCtx(ctx context.Context, c *ConsumeMessageContext) context.Context {
return context.WithValue(ctx, msgCtx, c)
// GetConsumerCtx get ConsumeMessageContext, only legal in PushConsumer. so should add bool return param indicate
// whether exist.
func GetConsumerCtx(ctx context.Context) (*ConsumeMessageContext, bool) {
c, exist := ctx.Value(msgCtx).(*ConsumeMessageContext)
return c, exist
type ConsumeOrderlyContext struct {
MQ MessageQueue
AutoCommit bool
SuspendCurrentQueueTimeMillis int
func NewConsumeOrderlyContext() *ConsumeOrderlyContext {
return &ConsumeOrderlyContext{
AutoCommit: true,
SuspendCurrentQueueTimeMillis: -1,
func WithOrderlyCtx(ctx context.Context, c *ConsumeOrderlyContext) context.Context {
return context.WithValue(ctx, orderlyCtx, c)
func GetOrderlyCtx(ctx context.Context) (*ConsumeOrderlyContext, bool) {
c, exist := ctx.Value(orderlyCtx).(*ConsumeOrderlyContext)
return c, exist
type ConsumeConcurrentlyContext struct {
MQ MessageQueue
DelayLevelWhenNextConsume int
AckIndex int32
func NewConsumeConcurrentlyContext() *ConsumeConcurrentlyContext {
return &ConsumeConcurrentlyContext{
AckIndex: math.MaxInt32,
func WithConcurrentlyCtx(ctx context.Context, c *ConsumeConcurrentlyContext) context.Context {
return context.WithValue(ctx, concurrentlyCtx, c)
func GetConcurrentlyCtx(ctx context.Context) (*ConsumeConcurrentlyContext, bool) {
c, exist := ctx.Value(concurrentlyCtx).(*ConsumeConcurrentlyContext)
return c, exist
type ProducerCtx struct {
ProducerGroup string
Message Message
MQ MessageQueue
BrokerAddr string
BornHost string
CommunicationMode CommunicationMode
SendResult *SendResult
Props map[string]string
MsgType MessageType
Namespace string
func WithProducerCtx(ctx context.Context, c *ProducerCtx) context.Context {
return context.WithValue(ctx, producerCtx, c)
func GetProducerCtx(ctx context.Context) *ProducerCtx {
return ctx.Value(producerCtx).(*ProducerCtx)