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RocketMQ Client Go

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( The alpha version of Apache RocketMQ Go in Pure Go has been released, Welcome have a try! native version )

  • The client is using cgo to call rocketmq-client-cpp, which has been proven robust and widely adopted within Alibaba Group by many business units for more than three years.


At present, this SDK supports

  • sending message in synchronous mode
  • sending message in orderly mode
  • sending message in oneway mode
  • sending transaction message
  • consuming message using push model
  • consuming message using pull model(depends cpp core)

How to use

Apache RocketMQ Community

Contact us

How to Contribute

Contributions are warmly welcome! Be it trivial cleanup, major new feature or other suggestion. Read this how to contribute guide for more details.


Apache License, Version 2.0 Copyright (C) Apache Software Foundation