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RocketMQ Client CPP

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RocketMQ-Client-CPP is the C/C++ client of Apache RocketMQ, a distributed messaging and streaming platform with low latency, high performance and reliability, trillion-level capacity and flexible scalability.


  • produce messages, including normal and delayed messages, synchronously or asynchronously.
  • consume messages, in cluster or broadcast model, concurrently or orderly
  • c and c++ style API.
  • cross-platform, all features are supported on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • automatically rebalanced, both in producing and consuming process.
  • reliability, any downtime broker or name server has no impact on the client.

Build and Install

Linux and Mac OS

note: make sure the following compile tools or libraries have been installed before running the build script build.sh.

  • compile tools:

    • gcc-c++ 4.8.2: c++ compiler while need support C++11
    • cmake 2.8.0: build jsoncpp require it
    • automake 1.11.1: build libevent require it
    • autoconf 2.65: build libevent require it
    • libtool 2.2.6: build libevent require it
  • libraries:

    • bzip2-devel 1.0.6: boost depend it
    • zlib-devel

The build.sh script will automatically download and build the dependency libraries including libevent, json and boost. It will save libraries under rocketmq-client-cpp folder, and then build both static and shared libraries for rocketmq-client. If the dependent libraries are built failed, you could try to build it manually with sources libevent 2.0.22, jsoncpp 0.10.7, boost 1.58.0

If your host is not available to internet to download the three library source files, you can copy the three library source files (release-2.0.22-stable.zip 0.10.7.zip and boost_1_58_0.tar.gz) to rocketmq-client-cpp root dir, then the build.sh will automatically use the three library source files to build rocketmq-client-cpp:

sh build.sh

Finally, both librocketmq.a and librocketmq.so are saved in rocketmq-client-cpp/bin. when using them to build application or library, besides rocketmq you should also link with following libraries -lpthread -lz -ldl -lrt. Here is an example:

g++ -o consumer_example consumer_example.cpp -lrocketmq -lpthread -lz -ldl -lrt


note: make sure the following compile tools or libraries have been installed before running the build script win32_build.bat:

  • compile tools:
    • vs2015: libevent,jsoncpp,zlib,boost rocket-client require it
    • git: download source code

The build script will automatically download dependent libraries including libevent json and boost to build shared library:


If your host is not available to internet to download the four library source files by build script, you can copy the four library source files

zlib-1.2.3-src Extract to $(rocketmq-client-cpp root dir)/thirdparty/zlib-1.2.3-src

libevent-release-2.0.22 Extract to $(rocketmq-client-cpp root dir)/thirdparty/libevent-release-2.0.22

boost_1_58_0 Extract to $(rocketmq-client-cpp root dir)/thirdparty/boost_1_58_0

jsoncpp-0.10.6 Extract to $(rocketmq-client-cpp root dir)/thirdparty/jsoncpp-0.10.6

And then run following command to build x86 rocketmq-client:

win32_build.bat build

to build x64 rocketmq-client:

win32_build.bat build64