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Vortex is a runtime for low-priority jobs to effectively cope with non-cooperative(thus low-latency) preemptions with the following goals:

  • Enable high-priority jobs such as latency-sensitive online serving jobs to reclaim resources quickly
  • Enable low-priority jobs such as offline batch data analytics jobs to efficiently utilize volatile resources

Vortex is currently under active development

Key Components

  • ThreadPool API
    • Users can submit custom functions and inputs to Vortex and retrieve results
    • This API hides the details of distributed execution on unreliable resources(e.g. handling of preemption)
  • Tasklet
    • User-submitted function and input are translated into Tasklet(s) in VortexMaster
    • A Tasklet is then scheduled to and executed by a VortexWorker
  • Queue
    • VortexMaster Queue(in REEF Driver): Keeps track of Tasklets waiting to be scheduled/enqueued to a VortexWorker Queue
    • VortexWorker Queue(in REEF Evaluator): Keeps track of Tasklets waiting to be executed

Example: Vector Calculation on Vortex

 * User's main function.
public final class AddOne {
  private AddOne() {

  public static void main(final String[] args) {
    VortexLauncher.launchLocal("Vortex_Example_AddOne", AddOneStart.class, 2, 1024, 4);
  • Through VortexLauncher user launches a Vortex job, passing following arguments
    • Name of the job
    • Implementation of VortexStart(AddOneStart)
    • Amount of resources to use
 * AddOne User Code Example.
final class AddOneStart implements VortexStart {
  public AddOneStart() {

  public void start(final VortexThreadPool vortexThreadPool) {
    final Vector<Integer> inputVector = new Vector<>();
    for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {

    final List<VortexFuture<Integer>> futures = new ArrayList<>();
    final AddOneFunction addOneFunction = new AddOneFunction();
    for (final int i : inputVector) {
      futures.add(vortexThreadPool.submit(addOneFunction, i));

    final Vector<Integer> outputVector = new Vector<>();
    for (final VortexFuture<Integer> future : futures) {
      try {
      } catch (InterruptedException | ExecutionException e) {
        throw new RuntimeException(e);

  • Through VortexThreadPool#submit, user submits a custom function(AddOneFunction) and its input to be executed on Vortex runtime
  • Using returned VortexFuture, user retrieves execution results
 * Outputs input + 1.
final class AddOneFunction implements VortexFunction<Integer, Integer> {
  public Integer call(final Integer input) throws Exception {
    return input + 1;
  • User implementation of VortexFunction, takes an integer as the input and outputs input+1