# AllHandlers This project contains an example of a REEF Program. It contains the following classes:

  • AllHandlers: This is the program that submits the driver to the local runtime.
  • HelloDriverStartHandler: The Driver requests 2 Evaluators.
  • HelloAllocatedEvaluatorHandler : The handler that submit Context and Tasks
  • HelloActiveContextHandler : The handler that submit Tasks to Context
  • HelloHttpHandler : The handler that handles http requests
  • HelloRunningTaskHandler : The handler that send messages to Running Task
  • HelloTaskMessageHandler : The handler that receives task messages
  • Other handler samples
  • HelloTask: This Task prints a greeting to STDOUT of the Evaluator.

Running it

Just run the main class, AllHandlers, followed by the runtime you want, e.g. local and the run time folder e.g. ‘REEF_LOCAL_RUNTIME’. If you don't specify the run time parameters, default will be used. e.g. AllHandlers.exe local REEF_LOCAL_RUNTIME or AllHandler.exe