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  1. AvroDriverInfo.cs
  2. AvroFailedTask.cs
  3. AvroHttpRequest.cs
  4. AvroHttpSerializer.cs
  5. AvroJsonSerializer.cs
  6. AvroReefServiceInfo.cs
  7. HeaderEntry.cs

C# Avro Code-Generated Files

The files here are code-generated with modifications. The code generation is based on the Avro schemas defined in the folder lang/java/reef-bridge-client/src/avro. Please do not modify them unless there is absolutely a reason to!

Instructions On C# Code-Generation

To code-generate these files, please use instructions on how to use Microsoft.Hadoop.Avro.Tools.exe as provided here on the files in lang/java/reef-bridge-client/src/avro. Note that as of the time of writing (11/10/2015), the Microsoft Azure HDInsight Avro Library NuGet does not include Microsoft.Hadoop.Avro.Tools.exe. To build it directly from source, please download the source code here and run msbuild. More information on how to build is available on the official documentation provided above.