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Apache Ratis web page

This is the source code of the website of Apache Ratis.

Hugo Installation

To render it you need hugo static site generator ( which is available for the most popular platforms as a single binary.

On OSX, this can be installed via HomeBrew: brew install hugo. For other operating system, please refer to the aforementioned Hugo documentation for installation steps.


To render the final website, use the provided script. This script will generate the website in the directory public/ and also perform a license check on the source files (prior to commit).


To iteratively develop the website, you can use the serve command to start a local webserver with your content changes rendered in realtime:

hugo serve

Publishing website changes

Committers must ensure that the state of the asf-site-source and asf-site branches are in sync at all times. Committers must never manually edit content in the asf-site branch.

Content pushed to the asf-site branch is automatically published to the public website:

There is (presently) no automation to automatically keep these branches in sync, but a general guide is to do the following. These steps use two checkouts of the Git repo, one for asf-site and another for asf-site-source. Beware that these steps are destructive to any local modifications:

First time only!

$ git clone ratis-site.git
$ cp -r ratis-site.git ratis-site-source.git
$ pushd ratis-site.git && git checkout -t origin/asf-site && popd
$ pushd ratis-site-source.git && git checkout -t origin/asf-site-source && popd

To modify the website:

$ pushd ratis-site.git && git pull && popd
$ pushd ratis-site-source.git && git pull
$ # hack hack hack
$ ./ ../ratis-site.git