Apache Ratis uses Apache Maven 3.3.9 or later to build the artifacts. You can use the bundled Maven Wrapper to build without a pre-installed Maven, by replacing mvn with the mvnw (*nix) or mvnw.cmd (Windows) script in the root path.

Apache Ratis is written in Java 8. Therefore, it as well requires Java 8 or later.

Project could be built as a usual Maven project:

$ mvn clean package -DskipTests

Note: subsequent builds could be faster with skiping shading/protobuf compile steps. See the next section for more info.


All bundled thirdparty dependencies are centralized in the ratis-thirdparty module and the ratis-thirdparty-misc module. These modules are located in a separated repository but not attached to the core Apache Ratis repository as they only need to change when one of these dependencies are changed. All dependencies included in ratis-thirdparty/ratis-thirdparty-misc must be relocated to a different package to ensure no downstream classpath pollution.

Ratis developers should rely on these relocated thirdparty classes.

As a result of this thirdparty module, there is no need for skipShade options in the build which previously existed because the shaded artifacts that are generated each build are limited only to the code in Ratis itself.

What packages are shaded?

Original packagesShaded packages

All compiled protocol-buffer definitions in ratis-proto are stored in the org.apache.ratis.proto Java package.