Qpid Proton Install Information

Proton comes with two separate build systems. The CMake build system can builds the entire codebase, including proton-c, all proton-c language bindings, and the pure Java proton-j implementation. The maven build system can only build the Java portions of the code.

CMake (Linux)

The following prerequisites are required to do a full build. If you do not wish to build a given language binding you can omit the devel package for that language:

# required dependencies
$ yum install gcc cmake libuuid-devel

# dependencies needed for ssl support
$ yum install openssl-devel

# dependencies needed for Cyrus SASL support
$ yum install cyrus-sasl-devel

# dependencies needed for bindings
$ yum install swig python-devel ruby-devel php-devel perl-devel

# dependencies needed for java (note that any non-ancient jvm will
# work, 1.8.0 is just what is current for fedora 20)
$ yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk-devel

# dependencies needed for python docs
$ yum install epydoc

From the directory where you found this README file:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build

# Set the install prefix. You may need to adjust depending on your
# system.

# Omit the docs target if you do not wish to build or install
# documentation.
$ make all docs

# Note that this step will require root privileges.
$ make install

When make install completes, all installed files are listed in the install_manifest.txt file. The contents of this file may be used to uninstall.

Note: When SYSINSTALL_BINDINGS is enabled (ON), the CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX does not affect the location for where the language bindings (Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby) are installed. For those elements, the location is determined by the language interpreter itself; i.e., each interpreter is queried for the proper location for extensions. If you want to constrain where the Proton code is installed, set SYSINSTALL_BINDINGS to OFF. This will install all bindings to a common location under ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}. When installed like this, each user will need to manually configure their interpreters with the respective binding location.

CMake (Windows)

This describes how to build the Proton library on Windows using Microsoft Visual C++.

The Proton build uses the CMake tool to generate the Visual Studio project files. These project files can then be loaded into Visual Studio and used to build the Proton library.

The following packages must be installed:

  • Visual Studio 2005 or newer (regular or C++ Express)
  • Python (www.python.org)
  • CMake (www.cmake.org)

Additional packages are required for the language bindings

  • swig (www.swig.org)
  • development headers and libraries for the language of choice


  • be sure to install relevant Microsoft Service Packs and updates
  • python.exe, cmake.exe and swig.exe must all be added to your PATH

To generate the Visual Studio project files, from the directory where you found this README file:

> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake ..

If CMake doesn't guess things correctly, useful additional arguments are:

-G "Visual Studio 10"

Refer to the CMake documentation for more information.

Build and install from a command prompt (using msbuild) > cmake --build . --target install --config RelWithDebInfo

Loading the ALL_BUILD project into Visual Studio

  1. Run the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE
  2. From within the IDE, open the ALL_BUILD project file or proton solution file - it should be in the ‘build’ directory you created above.
  3. Select the appropriate configuration. RelWithDebInfo works best with the included CMake/CTest scripts

Note that if you wish to build debug version of proton for use with swig bindings on Windows, you must have the appropriate debug target libraries to link against.

Installing Language Bindings

Most dynamic languages provide a way for asking where to install libraries in order to place them in a default search path.

When SYSINSTALL_BINDINGS is disabled (OFF), Proton installs all dynamic language bindings into a central, default location:


In order to use these bindings, you'll need to configure your interpreter to load the bindings from the appropriate directory:

  • Perl - Add ${BINDINGS}/perl to PERL5LIB
  • PHP - Set the PHPRC envvar to point to ${BINDINGS}/php/proton.ini
  • Python - Add ${BINDINGS}/python to PYTHONPATH
  • Ruby - Add ${BINDINGS}/ruby to RUBYLIB

You can configure the build to install a specific binding to the location specified by the system interpreter with the SYSINSTALL_[LANGUAGE] options, where [LANGUAGE] is one of JAVA, PERL, PHP, PYTHON, or RUBY.:


Disabling Language Bindings

To disable any given language bindings, you can use the BUILD_[LANGUAGE] option where [LANGUAGE] is one of JAVA, PERL, PHP, PYTHON or RUBY, e.g.:

$ cmake .. -DBUILD_PHP=OFF

Maven (All platforms)

The following prerequisites are required to do a full build.

From the directory where you found this README file:

# To compile and package all Java modules (omitting the tests)
$ mvn -DskipTests package

# To install the packages in the local Maven repository (usually ~/.m2/repo)
$ mvn -DskipTests install