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Proton is library for speaking AMQP, including:
+ The AMQP Messenger API, a simple but powerful interface to send
and receive messages over AMQP.
+ The AMQP Protocol Engine, a succinct encapsulation of the full
AMQP protocol machinery.
Proton is designed for maximum embeddability:
+ minimal dependencies
+ minimal assumptions about application threading model
Proton is designed to scale up and down:
+ transparently supports both simple peer to peer messaging and
complex globally federated topologies
Proton is multi-lingual:
+ designed for easy language bindings
- includes full fidelity data exchange:
maps, lists, strings, custom data structures, and more
Please see for a more info.
== Build Instructions ==
The following prerequesuites are required to do a full build. If you
do not wish to build a given language binding you can ommit the -devel
package for that language:
# required dependencies
yum install gcc cmake libuuid-devel
# dependencies needed for ssl support
yum install openssl-devel
# dependencies needed for bindings
yum install swig python-devel ruby-devel php-devel
# dependencies needed for python docs
yum install epydoc
From the directory where you found this README file:
mkdir build
cd build
# Set the install prefix. You may need to adjust depending on your
# system.
# Omit the docs target if you do not wish to build or install
# documentation.
make all docs
# Note that if you have configured cmake with a system prefix such
# as the one show above (/usr), this step will require root
# privileges.
make install
Note that all installed files are stored in the install_manifest.txt