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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#include "./container.hpp"
namespace proton {
/// A single-threaded container.
/// @copydoc container
class PN_CPP_CLASS_EXTERN default_container : public container {
/// Create a default, single-threaded container with a messaging_handler.
/// The messaging_handler will be called for all events on all connections in the container.
/// Container ID should be unique within your system. If empty a random UUID is generated.
PN_CPP_EXTERN explicit default_container(proton::messaging_handler& h, const std::string& id = "");
/// Create a default, single-threaded container without a messaging_handler.
/// Connections get their handlesr via proton::connection_options.
/// Container-wide defaults are set with client_connection_options() and
/// server_connection_options(). Per-connection options are set in connect()
/// and proton_listen_handler::on_accept for the proton::listen_handler
/// passed to listen()
/// Container ID should be unique within your system. If empty a random UUID is generated.
PN_CPP_EXTERN explicit default_container(const std::string& id = "");
/// Wrap an existing container implementation as a default_container.
/// Takes ownership of c.
PN_CPP_EXTERN explicit default_container(container* c) : impl_(c) {}
PN_CPP_EXTERN returned<connection> connect(const std::string& url, const connection_options &) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN listener listen(const std::string& url, listen_handler& l) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
using container::listen;
/// @cond INTERNAL
/// XXX Make private
PN_CPP_EXTERN void stop_listening(const std::string& url) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
/// @endcond
PN_CPP_EXTERN void auto_stop(bool set) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN void stop(const error_condition& err = error_condition()) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN returned<sender> open_sender(
const std::string &url,
const proton::sender_options &o = proton::sender_options(),
const connection_options &c = connection_options()) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN returned<receiver> open_receiver(
const std::string&url,
const proton::receiver_options &o = proton::receiver_options(),
const connection_options &c = connection_options()) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN std::string id() const PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN void client_connection_options(const connection_options &o) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN connection_options client_connection_options() const PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN void server_connection_options(const connection_options &o) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN connection_options server_connection_options() const PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN void sender_options(const class sender_options &o) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN class sender_options sender_options() const PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN void receiver_options(const class receiver_options & o) PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
PN_CPP_EXTERN class receiver_options receiver_options() const PN_CPP_OVERRIDE;
internal::pn_unique_ptr<container> impl_;
} // proton