Building a release for vote:

  1. Grab a clean checkout for safety.
  2. Run: “git checkout ${BRANCH}” if needed.
  3. Update the versions:
  • Run: “scripts/ ${VERSION}”, e.g: scripts/ 0.18.0
  1. Commit the changes, tag them.
  • Run: “git add .”
  • Run: ‘git commit -m “update versions for ${TAG}”’
  • Run: ‘git tag -m “tag ${TAG}” ${TAG}’, e.g: git tag -m “tag 0.18.0-rc1” 0.18.0-rc1
  1. Run: “scripts/ $PWD ${TAG}” to create the qpid-proton-${VERSION}.tar.gz release archive.
  2. Create signature and checksum files for the archive:
  • e.g “gpg --detach-sign --armor qpid-proton-${VERSION}.tar.gz”
  • e.g “sha512sum qpid-proton-${VERSION}.tar.gz > qpid-proton-${VERSION}.tar.gz.sha512”
  1. Push branch changes and tag.
  • Also update versions to the applicable snapshot version for future work on it.
  1. Commit artifacts to dist dev repo in${TAG} dir.
  2. Send vote email, provide links to dist dev repo and JIRA release notes.

After a vote succeeds:

  1. Tag the RC with the final version.
  2. Add the artifacts to dist release repo: svn cp -m “add files for qpid-proton-${VERSION}”${TAG}${VERSION}
  3. Give the mirrors some time to distribute things. Can take 24hrs for good coverage.
  1. Update the website with release content.
  2. Send release announcement email.
  3. Clean out older release(s) from release repo as appropriate.