QPIDJMS-515 Do not recycle a delivery tag from a failed send operation

When send fails that has used a delivery tag do not recycle the tag as
the remote state is unknown and the next send could reuse that tag and
create an error as tags are meant to be unique amongst the unsettled
deliveries on the link.
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The QpidJMS project provides a JMS based client that uses the AMQP v1.0 protocol.

Below are some quick pointers you might find useful.

Building the code

The project requires Maven 3. Some example commands follow.

Clean previous builds output and install all modules to local repository without running the tests:

mvn clean install -DskipTests

Install all modules to the local repository after running all the tests:

mvn clean install

Perform a subset tests on the packaged release artifacts without installing:

mvn clean verify -Dtest=TestNamePattern*

Execute the tests and produce code coverage report:

mvn clean test jacoco:report


First build and install all the modules as detailed above (if running against a source checkout/release, rather than against released binaries) and then consult the README in the qpid-jms-examples module itself.


There is some basic documentation in the qpid-jms-docs module.

Distribution assemblies

After building the modules, src and binary distribution assemblies can be found at: