Apache Qpid C++

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Qpid C++

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Qpid C++ is a C++ implementation of the AMQP protocol described at http://amqp.org/.

For additional software or information on the Qpid project go to:


For documentation, go to:


Available documentation

  • INSTALL.txt - How to install Qpid C++
  • LICENSE.txt - The Apache license
  • NOTICE.txt - Corresponds to the section 4 d of the Apache License, Version 2.0
  • docs/ - Feature and design notes, other documentation

Quick start

In C++ distributions:

mkdir BLD      # The recommended way to use cmake is in a separate
               # build directory
cd BLD
cmake ..       # Generates code and makefiles
make test      # Runs tests
make install   # Installs the client and daemon

The INSTALL.txt notes contain more detailed information on compiling and installing this software.

examples/README.txt describes the C++ client API examples.