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<section xmlns="" version="5.0" xml:id="Java-Broker-Concepts-Other-Services">
<title>Other Services</title>
The Broker can also have <emphasis>Access Control Providers</emphasis>, <emphasis>Group Providers</emphasis>,
<emphasis>Keystores</emphasis>, <emphasis>Trustores</emphasis> and [Management] <emphasis>Plugins</emphasis> configured.
<section xml:id="Java-Broker-Concepts-Access-Control-Providers">
<title>Access Control Providers</title>
<para><emphasis>Access Control Providers</emphasis> are used to authorize various operations relating to Broker objects.</para>
<para>Access Control Provider configuration and management details are covered in <xref linkend="Java-Broker-Security-ACLs"/>.</para>
<section xml:id="Java-Broker-Concepts-Group-Providers">
<title>Group Providers</title>
<para><emphasis>Group Providers</emphasis> are used to aggregate authenticated user principals into groups
which can be then be used in Access Control rules applicable to the whole group.</para>
<para>Group Provider configuration and management is covered in <xref linkend="Java-Broker-Security-Group-Providers"/>.</para>
<section xml:id="Java-Broker-Concepts-Keystores">
<para><emphasis>Keystores</emphasis> are used to configure SSL private and public keys and certificates
for the SSL transports on Ports.</para>
<para>Keystore configuration and management is covered in <xref linkend="Java-Broker-Management-Managing-Keystores"/>.</para>
<section xml:id="Java-Broker-Concepts-Truststores">
<para><emphasis>Truststores</emphasis> are used to configure SSL certificates for trusting Client Certificate
on SSL ports or making SSL connections to other external services like LDAP, etc.</para>
<para>Truststore configuration and management is covered in <xref linkend="Java-Broker-Management-Managing-Truststores"/>.</para>
<section xml:id="Java-Broker-Concepts-Loggers">
<para><emphasis>Loggers</emphasis> are responsible for producing a log of events from either the Broker as a whole, or
an individual Virtualhost. These are described in <xref linkend="Java-Broker-Runtime-Logging"/>.</para>