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<chapter xmlns="" version="5.0" xml:id="Java-Broker-Management-Channel">
<title>Management Channels</title>
<para>The Broker can be managed over a number of different channels.</para>
<para>HTTP - The primary channel for management. The HTTP interface comprises a Web
Console and a REST API.</para>
<para>AMQP - The AMQP protocols 0-8..0-10 allow for some management of Exchanges, Queue and
Bindings. This will be superseded by AMQP 1.0 Management. It is suggested that new users
favour the Management facilities provided by the Web Console/REST API.</para>
<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="management/channels/Java-Broker-Management-Channel-HTTP.xml"/>
<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="management/channels/Java-Broker-Management-Channel-Web-Console.xml"/>
<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="management/channels/Java-Broker-Management-Channel-REST-API.xml"/>
<xi:include xmlns:xi="" href="management/channels/Java-Broker-Management-Channel-AMQP-Intrinsic.xml"/>
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