Quick Start Guide


The following tools are needed to build Qpid Broker-J

  • Git client
  • JDK 1.8 or above; you should set the JAVA_HOME environment variable and include its bin directory in your PATH.
  • Maven 3.0 or above; you should set the M2_HOME environment variable and include its bin directory in your PATH.

Getting sources

Checkout sources from git repository

git clone https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/qpid-broker-j.git


Navigate into checkout directory and execute maven command

mvn clean package

Running tests

Unit tests are executed as part of maven lifecycle phase test and integration tests are executed as part of maven phase verify. An execution of integration tests is skipped by default (except for protocol tests). In order to run all integration tests a flag skipITs needs to be set to false. For example,

mvn verify -DskipITs=false

The command above executes both unit and integration tests. To run only unit tests use the command below.

mvn test

Distribution bundle

Broker distribution bundle is built as part of maven lifecycle phase package, for example

mvn clean package -DskipTests

The broker distribution assemblies will then be found beneath:


Running the Broker

For full details, see chapter Getting Started in broker documentation. The brief instructions are repeated here.

Expand the broker distribution bundle

Expand the assembly produced by the maven lifecycle stage package.

On Linux/Unix:

tar xvfz apache-qpid-broker-j/target/apache-qpid-broker-j-x.x.x-SNAPSHOT-bin.tar.gz -C /target/directory

On Windows:

Expand zip apache-qpid-broker-j/target/apache-qpid-broker-j-x.x.x-SNAPSHOT-bin.zip

Declare QPID_WORK environment variable

The Qpid Broker-J stores its configuration and message data in working directory. The path to working directory can be specified using environment variable QPID_WORK.

Examples of declaration of environment variable QPID_WORK are given below.

On Linux/Unix:

export QPID_WORK=${HOME}/my-qpid-work

On Windows:


Start broker

Navigate to directory where Qpid broker bundle was expanded and execute Qpid broker start-up script

On Linux/Unix:


On Windows:


Connecting to the Broker

By default, the Broker listens on port 5672 for AMQP and 8080 for http management. The default username is ‘guest’ and password is ‘guest’.

To get to the management console, point a browser to http://localhost:8080

Reporting defect or requesting new feature or improvement

JIRA is used as an issue tracking system for Qpid Broker-J. A JIRA ticket needs to be raised for the issue.

Submitting changes

The changes can be submitted as pull request against github mirror of Apache Qpid Broker-J repo:


How to contribute changes to Qpid Broker-J

Here is a set of simple instructions to follow in order to contribute changes. Please note, that changes need to be implemented on master branch first before they can be ported into specific version support branch.

  • Raise JIRA ticket
  • Fork github mirror of broker-j repository, if it is not forked yet
  • Create working branch from master in forked repo
  • Implement required changes and unit/integration tests
  • Verify that implementation follows Qpid code standard and clean code practices
  • Verify that all tests are passing locally on a developer machine
  • Commit the changes into working branch
  • Create pull request in github mirror of broker-j repository
  • Verify that all tests executed for PR by project Continuous Integration tools are still passing
  • Address comments submitted by pull request reviewers if any and applicable
  • The reviewed changes needs to be applied into the master branch by project committer
  • Close the JIRA ticket