Qpid Broker-J Developer Guide

This guide is intended for developers and contributors of Qpid Broker-J project to provide guidance and reference materials to aid them in developing, building and releasing Qpid Broker-J.

Each chapter in this guide is intended to be self-contained, so the reader can jump to an interesting topic.

Quick Start Guide

A quick start beginner's guide for getting involved with Qpid Broker-J. Read it

Working with Source Code

The chapter provides an overview of coding style. Read it

Build Instructions

The chapter covers build and test options in details. Read it

Release Instructions

The chapter covers release process. Read it

IDE integration

Tips on setting up IDE to work with Qpid Broker-J project. Read it

Qpid Broker-J Architecture

The chapter provides an Overview of Qpid Broker-J Architecture. Read it