IDE integration

Nowadays, most of the team chose IntelliJ.

Integration with IntelliJ

To setup the project, simply import Qpid Broker-J parent pom.xml as a project.

Running the Broker within Intellij

After importing maven projects create Application configuration following instructions below

  1. Create a new Application run configuration called “Qpid Broker”
    • Classname org.apache.qpid.server.Main
    • Classpath of module: qpid-broker
    • Save the new run configuration.
  2. Go into the module settings of qpid-broker and add an additional classpath entry pointing to the It is easiest to point to a location in the local maven repo e.g. ~/.m2/repository/org/dojotoolkit/dojo/x.x.x/ (This manual step is required to workaround
  3. Specify the following JVM options for the Qpid Broker Application
  • -Dprofile.virtualhostnode.context.blueprint=‘{“type”:“ProvidedStore”,“globalAddressDomains”:“${dollar.sign}{qpid.gloabalAddressDomains}”}’
  • -Dqpid.globalAddressDomains=[]
  • -DQPID_WORK=/path/to/Qpid/work/directory

Running System Tests within Intellij

Running system tests from within IntelliJ requires a bit of fiddeling. You first create a template configuration which you then need to adapt every time you want to run a different systest. This means this method does not support running the entire test suite.

  1. Add a new JUnit Configuration
    • “Run” --> “Edit Configurations...”
    • Press the plus sign at the top left to add a new configuration and select “JUnit”
    • Change the name to “Systest”
    • Add the following to the “VM options”
      • -Dprofile.virtualhostnode.context.blueprint=‘{“type”:“ProvidedStore”,“globalAddressDomains”:“${dollar.sign}{qpid.gloabalAddressDomains}”}’
      • -Dqpid.globalAddressDomains=[]
      • -DQPID_WORK=/path/to/Qpid/work/directory
  2. When you want to actually run a specific test, copy the fully qualified class name of the test into the “Class” field of this configuration before executing it.

IDE Code Style

There is a code style file for the IntelliJ IDE located at /etc/IntelliJ_Qpid_Style.xml in the source tree. All Qpid Java developers should use this or an equivalent style for their IDE. Refer Qpid Broker-J Coding Standards for more details about code style.