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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#ifndef ERROR_HPP_
#define ERROR_HPP_
#include <iosfwd>
#pragma GCC visibility push(default)
namespace pulsar {
* Collection of return codes
enum Result {
ResultOk, /// Operation successful
ResultUnknownError, /// Unknown error happened on broker
ResultInvalidConfiguration, /// Invalid configuration
ResultTimeout, /// Operation timed out
ResultLookupError, /// Broker lookup failed
ResultConnectError, /// Failed to connect to broker
ResultReadError, /// Failed to read from socket
ResultAuthenticationError, /// Authentication failed on broker
ResultAuthorizationError, /// Client is not authorized to create producer/consumer
ResultErrorGettingAuthenticationData, /// Client cannot find authorization data
ResultBrokerMetadataError, /// Broker failed in updating metadata
ResultBrokerPersistenceError, /// Broker failed to persist entry
ResultChecksumError, /// Corrupt message checksum failure
ResultConsumerBusy, /// Exclusive consumer is already connected
ResultNotConnected, /// Producer/Consumer is not currently connected to broker
ResultAlreadyClosed, /// Producer/Consumer is already closed and not accepting any operation
ResultInvalidMessage, /// Error in publishing an already used message
ResultConsumerNotInitialized, /// Consumer is not initialized
ResultProducerNotInitialized, /// Producer is not initialized
ResultTooManyLookupRequestException, /// Too Many concurrent LookupRequest
ResultInvalidTopicName, /// Invalid topic name
ResultInvalidUrl, /// Client Initialized with Invalid Broker Url (VIP Url passed to Client Constructor)
ResultServiceUnitNotReady, /// Service Unit unloaded between client did lookup and producer/consumer got created
ResultProducerBlockedQuotaExceededError, /// Producer is blocked
ResultProducerBlockedQuotaExceededException, /// Producer is getting exception
ResultProducerQueueIsFull, /// Producer queue is full
ResultMessageTooBig, /// Trying to send a messages exceeding the max size
ResultTopicNotFound, /// Topic not found
ResultSubscriptionNotFound, /// Subscription not found
ResultConsumerNotFound, /// Consumer not found
ResultUnsupportedVersionError /// Error when an older client/version doesn't support a required feature
// Return string representation of result code
const char* strResult(Result result);
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& s, pulsar::Result result);
#pragma GCC visibility pop
#endif /* ERROR_HPP_ */