Pulsar Bot

pulsarbot is a github action that reacts to comments and trigger coresponding tasks.

All pulsarbot commands start with /pulsarbot.

The accepted commands are:

  • /pulsarbot run-failure-checks: Run all the failed checks.
  • /pulsarbot rerun-failure-checks: Rerun all the failed checks. Same as /pulsarbot run-failure-checks.
  • /pulsarbot run <check-name>: Run a specified check only if the check is failed.
  • /pulsarbot rerun <check-name>: Same as /pulsarbot run <check-name>

Testing changes to entrypoint.sh script

You can test modifications to the entrypoint.sh script locally with the test_pulsarbot.sh script.

Syntax for testing changes

GITHUB_TOKEN=your_token_here ./test_pulsarbot.sh PR_NUMBER_HERE