Add copy of dorny/paths-filter@ca8fa4002 action (#19)

Because of security restrictions, public actions cannot be used directly
in ASF GitHub Action workflows. The options are either whitelisting the
action's repository + SHA or by creating a copy of the action or by
forking the original repository. GitHub Actions don't support git submodules, so
that is not an option. This commit creates a copy of the files
which is suitable for including the action in apache/pulsar-test-infra

This action can be referenced with
uses: apache/pulsar-test-infra/paths-filter@master

Commands used to create the copy in pulsar-test-infra:
git clone --depth 1
cd paths-filter
git checkout ca8fa4002c226cbab8b50cc157d3f47899a49762
rm -rf .git .github
cd ..
git add paths-filter
28 files changed
tree: 5b7466bcf9fb0e7c7434df1d0e96b6a83f66fb6a
  1. cherry-pick/
  2. diff-only/
  3. paths-filter/
  4. pulsarbot/
  5. setup-maven/
  6. .asf.yaml
  7. .gitignore

Apache Pulsar Test Infrastructure

This repo is used for keeping all the scripts and github actions for running Pulsar test infrastructure.

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