[pulsarbot] trim whitespaces in comments (#54)

Signed-off-by: tison <wander4096@gmail.com>

Contributors' comments often contains whitespaces and such whitespaces should not affect command validation.

See also https://github.com/apache/pulsar/runs/7245841750?check_suite_focus=true for a bad case.

cc @lhotari 
1 file changed
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  1. cherry-pick/
  2. diff-only/
  3. doc-label-check/
  4. docbot/
  5. gh-actions-artifact-client/
  6. http-cache-action/
  7. paths-filter/
  8. pulsarbot/
  9. setup-maven/
  10. test-reporter/
  11. .asf.yaml
  12. .gitignore
  13. README.md

Apache Pulsar Test Infrastructure

This repo is used for keeping all the scripts and github actions for running Pulsar test infrastructure.

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