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  1. bc_2_0_0/
  2. bc_2_0_1/
  3. certificate-authority/
  4. compose/
  5. docker-images/
  6. integration/
  7. pulsar-kafka-compat-client-test/
  8. pulsar-spark-test/
  9. pulsar-storm-test/
  10. scripts/
  11. pom.xml

This directory contains integration tests for Pulsar.

The integration tests use a framework called Test Containers to bring up a bunch of docker containers running Pulsar services. TestNG can then be used to test functionallity against these containers.

The tests require that docker is installed and running. Tests will only run if the integrationTests system property is defined. To run the tests:

# in the top level directory
pulsar/ $ mvn install -DskipTests -Pdocker # builds the docker images
pulsar/ $ mvn -f tests/pom.xml test -DintegrationTests

The directories are as follows:

  • docker-images/ : Docker images for integration testing.
  • integration/ : The integration tests and utilities themselves.