Upgrade Apache BookKeeper Client to 4.11.1 (#8270)

Upgrade Apache BookKeeper client to version 4.11.1 and RocksDB to 6.10.2 (needed by Bookie)

Upgrade Apache BookKeeper client, fix a few build errors, due to the introduction of BookieServiceInfo structure (see BP-38).

Verifying this change
This change is already covered by existing tests

* Upgrade Apache BookKeeper to 4.11.1

* fix build

* fix LICENSE files

* Use BK 4.11.1

* Upgrade RocksDB to 6.10.2

* Fix license and upgrade maven assembly plugin

* update license

* restore bouncy castle license

* fix licenses

* Exclude BouncyCastle inherited from BK

Co-authored-by: Enrico Olivelli <enrico.olivelli@diennea.com>
Co-authored-by: Enrico Olivelli <eolivelli@apache.org>
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