How to contribute

If you want to make contributions to Apache Pulsar Manager, follow the steps below.


Before committing code changes to Apache Pulsar Manager, you need to install required dependencies, fork the pulsar-manager repository and configure IDE.

Install system dependency

If you have not installed Java and Node, follow the instructions below.

DependencyInstallation guide
Java 8
Node 10.15

Fork pulsar-manager repository

Fork the pulsar-manager repository to your GitHub repository.

Install pulsar-manager dependency

  1. Clone pulsar-manager code to your machine.

    $ git clone[your-github-id]/pulsar-manager.git
  2. Install pulsar-manger dependencies.

    $ cd pulsar-manager
    $ ./gradlew build -x test
    $ cd front-end
    $ npm install --save

Configure IDE

Apache Pulsar Manager uses lombok, so set up your IDE with the required plugins.

Configure Intellij

To configure annotation processing in IntelliJ, follow the steps below.

  1. In IntelliJ, click Settings > Build, Execution, Deployment > Compiler > Annotation Processors to open the Annotation Processors Settings window.

  2. Tick the checkboxes of Enable annotation processing and Obtain processors from project classpath.

  3. Click OK.

Configure Eclipse

Follow the instructions here.

Contribution workflow

  1. Add a remote repository.

    $ git remote add apache
  2. Sync you local repository with the remote repository.

    $ git checkout master
    $ git pull apache master
  3. Create your PR and commit code changes.

    $ git checkout -b your_branch
    $ git add [your change files]
    $ git commit -m "commit messages"
    $ git push origin your_branch


Apache Pulsar Manager uses the open-source protocol of Apache License 2.0.

If you commit code changes with new files, run the following command to add the license at the beginning of each file.

./gradlew licenseFormat

Code style

Follow the code styles below to keep code consistent and easy to maintain.

Make sure your code looks plain and simple.

LanguageCode style guide