Contribution Checklist

  • Name the pull request in the form “[Issue XYZ][component] Title of the pull request”, where XYZ should be replaced by the actual issue number. Skip Issue XYZ if there is no associated github issue for this pull request. Skip component if you are unsure about which is the best component. E.g. [docs] Fix typo in produce method.

  • Fill out the template below to describe the changes contributed by the pull request. That will give reviewers the context they need to do the review.

  • Each pull request should address only one issue, not mix up code from multiple issues.

  • Each commit in the pull request has a meaningful commit message

  • Once all items of the checklist are addressed, remove the above text and this checklist, leaving only the filled out template below.

(The sections below can be removed for hotfixes of typos) -->

(If this PR fixes a github issue, please add Fixes #<xyz>.)

Fixes #

(or if this PR is one task of a github issue, please add Master Issue: #<xyz> to link to the master issue.)

Master Issue: #


Explain here the context, and why you‘re making that change. What is the problem you’re trying to solve.


Describe the modifications you've done.

Verifying this change

  • [ ] Make sure that the change passes the CI checks.

(Please pick either of the following options)

This change is a trivial rework / code cleanup without any test coverage.


This change is already covered by existing tests, such as (please describe tests).


This change added tests and can be verified as follows:


  • Added integration tests for end-to-end deployment with large payloads (10MB)
  • Extended integration test for recovery after broker failure

Does this pull request potentially affect one of the following parts:

If yes was chosen, please highlight the changes

  • Dependencies (does it add or upgrade a dependency): (yes / no)
  • The public API: (yes / no)
  • The schema: (yes / no / don't know)
  • The default values of configurations: (yes / no)
  • The wire protocol: (yes / no)


  • Does this pull request introduce a new feature? (yes / no)
  • If yes, how is the feature documented? (not applicable / docs / GoDocs / not documented)
  • If a feature is not applicable for documentation, explain why?
  • If a feature is not documented yet in this PR, please create a followup issue for adding the documentation