Apache Pulsar Adapters

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Apache Pulsar Adapters

This repository is used for hosting all the adapters maintained and supported by Apache Pulsar PMC.

Apache Flink adapter is supported and maintained by Apache Flink Community.

Apache Storm bolt and spout are supported by Apache Storm Community.


In order to build this code you can simply use Maven

mvn install

In order to build this repository the linked Pulsar release must be released to Maven Central other wise you have to build it locally.

For instance if this code depends on Pulsar 2.11.0 you have to build Pulsar 2.11.0 locally

git clone https://github.com/apache/pulsar
git checkout v2.11.0
mvn clean install -DskipTests

This is because this repository depends on test integration artifacts of the relative version on the main Apache Pulsar codebase