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Data Collection API

Please refer to the documentation site - Collecting Data through Event API.

For Development Use only:

Start Data API without bin/pio

$ sbt/sbt "data/compile"
$ set -a
$ source conf/
$ set +a
$ sbt/sbt "data/run-main"

Very simple test

$ data/ <appAccessKey>

Unit test (Very minimal)

$ set -a
$ source conf/
$ set +a
$ sbt/sbt "data/test"
  • test for EventService
$ sbt/sbt "data/test-only"
  • test for LEvents
$ sbt/sbt "data/test-only"
  • test for ExampleJson and ExampleForm webhooks
$ sbt/sbt "data/test-only"
$ sbt/sbt "data/test-only"

Upgrade from 0.8.0/0.8.1 to 0.8.2

Experimental upgrade tool (Upgrade HBase schema from 0.8.0/0.8.1 to 0.8.2) Create an app to store the data

$ bin/pio app new <my app>

Replace by the returned app ID: ( is the original app ID used in 0.8.0/0.8.2.)

$ set -a
$ source conf/
$ set +a
$ sbt/sbt "data/run-main <from app ID>" "<to app ID>"

Upgrade from 0.8.2 to 0.8.3

0.8.3 disallow entity types pio_user and pio_item. These types are used by default for most SDKs. We deprecate the use in 0.8.3, and SDKs helper functions use user and item instead respectively.

This script performs the migration by copying one appId to another. User can either point the engine to the new appId, or can migrate the data back to the old one using hbase import / export tool.

Suppose we are migrating <old_app_id>.

1. First create a new app:

$ set -a
$ source conf/
$ set +a
$ bin/pio app new NewApp
... you will see <new_app_id>

The App with <new_app_id> must be empty before you upgrade. You can check the status of this new created app using:

$ sbt/sbt "data/run-main <new_app_id>"

If it shows that it is non-empty, you can clean it with

$ bin/pio app data-delete <new_app_name>

2. Run the following to migrate from <old_app_id> to <new_app_id>

$ sbt/sbt "data/run-main <old_app_id> <new_app_id>"
... Done.

You can use the following to check the <new_app_id> again. It should display the number of data being migrated:

$ sbt/sbt "data/run-main <new_app_id>"