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package org.example.textclassification
import org.apache.predictionio.controller.EngineFactory
import org.apache.predictionio.controller.Engine
/** Define Query class which serves as a wrapper for
* new text data.
case class Query(text: String)
/** Define PredictedResult class which serves as a
* wrapper for a predicted class label and the associated
* prediction confidence.
case class PredictedResult(
category: String,
confidence: Double)
/** Define ActualResult class which serves as a wrapper
* for an observation's true class label.
case class ActualResult(category: String)
/** Define Engine */
object TextClassificationEngine extends EngineFactory {
def apply() = {
new Engine(
"nb" -> classOf[NBAlgorithm],
"lr" -> classOf[LRAlgorithm]