Apache Polygene™ (Website)

Landing pages built using Jekyll

Documentation built by the Apache Polygene sub-project's build systems

How to work on content

First, install jekyll: gem install jekyll, then:

jekyll serve
open http://localhost:4000/

You can now edit files in ./src and refresh your browser to preview the changes locally.

Working on future “blog” posts

Put your drafts in the _drafts directory and run jekyll with the --drafts command line parameter. Once you‘re satisfied with your blog post, simply move it into the _posts directory. Note that posts with dates in the future won’t be rendered even if present in the _posts directory.

How to publish to polygene.apache.org

First, install jekyll: gem install jekyll, then:

jekyll build
git add --force content src
git commit -a -m  "polygene: update website"
git push

Directory Structure

+-- README.md               This very README
+-- _config.yml             Jekyll configuration
+-- src                     Landing pages Jekyll sources
|   +-- _layouts/           Jekyll layouts
|   +-- _includes/
|   |   +-- releases/       Release download pages, one per file
|   +-- _posts/             News, one per file
|   +-- index.html          Home page
|   +-- news.html           News archive page
|   +-- atom.xml            Atom news feed
|   +-- downloads.html      Download page
|   +-- community/          Community pages
|   +-- sitemap.txt         Sitemap
|   +-- landing-resources/  CSS, images, fonts and javascript files.
|   +-- graphics/           Apache Polygene graphic resources
+-- content/                !! Root of files published at https://polygene.apache.org/ !!
    +-- schemas/            Apache Polygene XML Schemas
    +-- java/               Apache Polygene (Java Edition) Documentation
        +-- index.html      Index page pointing at './latest/'
        +-- versions.json   Versions data, used by the version-switcher
        +-- develop/        Documentation for the 'develop' branch.
        |   +-- javadocs/
        +-- latest/         Documentation for the 'master' branch aka. the latest stable release.
        |   +-- javadocs/
        +-- VERSION_STRING/ Documentation for each stable release.
            +-- javadocs/

Landing pages

Only the news are in the Markdown format, the other pages that should rarely change are plain HTML so we can fine-control the layout.

A news feed is built in atom.xml and the site map in sitemap.txt

Sub-projects versionned documentation

Each Apache Polygene subproject should make its build system generate its documentation. As part of its release process it should add its documentation to this very website.

Apache Polygene (Java Edition)

The versioned documentation is generated from asciidoc text files from the Polygene SDK source repository by its build system.