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<project name="Pluto">
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<item name="Home" href=""/>
<item name="JSR 168 (Portlet 1.0)" href=""/>
<item name="Portlet 1.0 API (Javadoc)" href=""/>
<item name="JSR 286 (Portlet 2.0)" href=""/>
<item name="Portlet 2.0 API (Javadoc)" href=""/>
<menu name="The Pluto Project">
<item name="About Pluto" href="/index.html"/>
<item name="Mission" href="/mission.html"/>
<item name="Download" href="/download.html"/>
<item name="News" href="/news.html"/>
<item name="Status" href="/status.html"/>
<item name="App Servers" href="/app-servers.html"/>
<item name="Architecture" href="/architecture.html"/>
<item name="Resources" href="/resources.html"/>
<item name="FAQ" href="/faq.html"/>
<item name="Wiki" href=""/>
<item name="Issue Tracker (JIRA)" href=""/>
<item name="Powered By Pluto" href="/powered.html"/>
<item name="Get Involved" href="/helping.html"/>
<menu name="Pluto 2.0">
<item name="Getting Started" href="/v20/getting-started.html"/>
<item name="Deploying" href="/v20/deploying.html"/>
<item name="Embedding" href="/v20/embedding.html"/>
<item name="Release Notes" href="/v20/release-notes.html"/>
<menu name="Pluto 1.1">
<item name="Getting Started" href="/v11/getting-started.html"/>
<item name="Deploying" href="/v11/deploying.html"/>
<item name="Release Notes" href="/v11/release-notes.html"/>
<menu name="Subprojects" collapse="true">
<item name="Overview" href="subprojects/subprojects.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Container API" href="subprojects/container-api.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Portlet Container" href="subprojects/portlet-container.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Portlet Tag Library" href="subprojects/tag-library.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Portal Driver" href="subprojects/driver.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Portal" href="subprojects/portal.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Utilities" href="subprojects/utilities.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Installer" href="subprojects/installer.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Testsuite" href="subprojects/testsuite.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Ant Tasks" href="subprojects/anttasks.html"/>
<item name="Pluto Website Skin" href="subprojects/skin.html"/>
<menu name='Project Info'>
<item name="Project Summary" href="project-summary.html"/>
<item name="Project Team" href="team-list.html"/>
<item name="Project License" href="license.html"/>
<item name="Mailing Lists" href="mail-lists.html"/>
<item name="Source Repository" href="source-repository.html"/>
<item name="Issue Tracking" href="issue-tracking.html"/>