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Apache PLC4X Build-Tools

Apache PLC4X Build-Tools is a sub-project of the Apache PLC4X project and contains all the tools needed to build the main project.

Currently the only tools it contains is a maven plugin used to generate drivers and a new maven-site-plugin site theme.

It currently doesn't contain any actual code-generation modules, but just the plugin and the API required to load and use code-generation modules.

The actual code-generation modules are located inside the main project.


Currently the project is configured to require the following software:

  1. Java >=9 JDK: For running Maven in general as well as compiling the Java and Scala modules JAVA_HOME configured to point to that.

Getting Started

Normally you wouldn't be required to build this module as the artifacts it produces will be made available via one of the maven repositories. However if you want to improve or fix the existing tools, you will have to build your version locally.

You must have Java >=9 installed on your system and connectivity to Maven Central (for downloading external third party dependencies). Maven will be automatically downloaded and installed by the maven wrapper mvnw.

Build PLC4X Java jars and install them in your local maven repository

$ ./mvnw install

This should make the build-tools available to the main projects build. In order to use your locally built version of the build-tools you should update the property: plc4x-code-generation.version in the PLC4X main pom.xml.


Apache PLC4X is released under the Apache License Version 2.0.