Apache Phoenix enables OLTP and operational analytics in Hadoop for low latency applications. Visit the Apache Phoenix website here. This is the repo for the Phoenix Query Server (PQS).

Copyright ©2020 Apache Software Foundation. All Rights Reserved.


This repository will build a tarball which is capable of running the Phoenix Query Server.

By default, this tarball does not contain a Phoenix client jar as it is meant to be agnostic of Phoenix version (one PQS release can be used against any Phoenix version). Today, PQS builds against the Phoenix 5.1.1 release with HBase 2.4.2.

Note that the resulting Query Server binaries are not tied to any Phoenix, Hbase or Hadoop versions, and will work with all recent Phoenix versions.

$ mvn clean package

Bundling a Phoenix Client

To build a release of PQS which packages a specific version of Phoenix, specify the package-phoenix-client system property and specify the phoenix.version system property to indicate a specific Phoenix version, as well as the phoenix.client.artifactid to choose the phoenix-client HBase variant.

$ mvn clean package -Dpackage.phoenix.client -Dphoenix.version=5.1.1 -Dphoenix.client.artifactid=phoenix-client-hbase-2.4 -pl '!phoenix-queryserver-it'
$ mvn clean package -Dpackage.phoenix.client -Dphoenix.version=4.15.0-HBase-1.4 -Dphoenix.client.artifactid=phoenix-client -pl '!phoenix-queryserver-it'

Running integration tests

mvn package will run the unit tests while building, but it will not run the integration test suite.

The integration tests will run with the default Phoenix and HBase version. Running the integration tests with non-default Phoenix and HBase versions is not supported.

$ mvn clean verify

Running project reports

Phoenix-queryserver currently supports generating the standard set of Maven Project Info Reports, as well as Spotbugs, Apache Creadur RAT, OWASP Dependency-Check, and Jacoco Code Coverage reports.

To run all available reports $ mvn clean verify site -Dspotbugs.site

To run OWASP, RAT and Spotbugs, but not Jacoco $ mvn clean compile test-compile site -Dspotbugs.site

The reports are accessible via target/site/index.html, under the main project, as well as each of the subprojects. (not every project has all reports)